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golf weights


golf weights

Hi, can someone post a link, picture or give me the manufacture and model to get a set of golf wieghts to better my hanging session?
I read on here they are avaliable at Wal-mart, and I went today to pick some up, only to find the clerk had no idea what I was talking about. Only thing I found were wrist and ankle weight, and they are way too big for my dick :( And since i have never seen them for myself, I couldn’t even describe them to him. Any help is greatly appreciated.

wow, I type that all 1 handed while hanging :D

someone got to know… please help!!!!!!!!1


You can go here to see pics of the golf weights in use.
Alternate golf weight attachment method


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Thank you thank you thank you :)

but do you the brand I’m looking for?? Or the official name? I tried “golf Weight” under google and yahoo and came up with nothing except a link to Thunder’s Place :D ….wow this place is getting famous :D

PS thanks again

Goodhead: They are round led weights coated in bright red rubber, look like little red donuts, 2-1/2” OD 1-1/2 ID. I’m not sure the individual weight, but Five of them weigh 2LBs, do the math. So you don’t have to ask the store clerk anything embarrassing, their intended purpose is slip over the shaft of a golf club to improve ones swing. I’ve never been in a WalMarts that didn’t have them. Go to the sporting section, on the isle with the golf accessories, such as Clubs and bags but hanging on hooks with Ts gloves and such. In fact I believe it is the same isle where you found the wrist weights(also a good PE item). They come packaged separately at about a buck and a quarter each, and with maybe the exception of the TheraP Magnetic Wrist Wrap (also in Walmarts) they are probably dollar for dollar the single most useful PE products you’ll ever buy. So FIND THEM!

Good Luck

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Yeah I know, I want them REALLY bad. I was in walmart the other day and actually picked up a set of wrist weights and though ….hmmm these wont fit in my pant at work :( unless I was really HUGE :D but I’m making a trip back ASAP, You know to improve my par and all :) . Thanks for reply.

try a search under “swing weight golf training aid”

These are used to make a club heavier while practicing. Kinda like ankle weights for runners or a parachute behind a sprinter. Academy and Oshman’s will carry them. If all else fails, try

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Yeah, any Pro shop should carry them. Goodhead, while you’re at Wally World, go ahead and get a set of wrist weights. You can put on one or two, depending on your length and keep them on with a single golf weight at the end. The wrist weights are big and soft and if I’m not mistaken weigh about 1 pound a piece. You get all this on it makes your dick look like a cream pie with a cherry on top, but will give you a pretty good ADS if you wear it under baggy clothes. I use to jog with this combination on till gained enough girth to keep the golf weights on without wrap. ( the wrap tends to chafe me a mite) Now I jog with four golf weights instead. After an aggressive pumping session my dick is fat enough to keep four on for a 7 mile run a bobbing and a swinging under my shorts, but I only wear three as a ADS. I find I can tolerate three about eight hours, but I can wear two all day with comfort sometimes forget I have them on except when I have to pee. Pissing with golf weights on can be a challenge, but with a little practice can be done without wetting ones pants. I’ve written a ton of threads concerning golf weights, because I swear by them. Just do a wild-card search or PM me.


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One more thing then I’ll shut up. If you use Golf weights after pumping, put them on in the shower, hot water and lots of soap. Remove them the same way or you’ll have a lot of skin soreness. You might even injure the dorsal vein if you force it (not recomended) My girth is just a hair over 6”, about 6-1/8 to 6-1/4 pumped and it is a pain getting it through the 1-1/2 inch hole. That’s why they stay on so well. But soap works better than Vaseline, because the soap washes off. If you use lube the weights will slip off at the most embarrassing moment. One of mine slipped off once at the mall and went rolling across the floor right into a StarBucks. I didn’t go after it.

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Big Girtha: Thank Gawd I wasn’t sipping coffee when you said it fell off and went rolling across the floor. I constantly check to make sure they didn’t slip down to the Glans.

Good Idea with the soap. I use whatever is available, vaseline, hand lotion etc, and I shove them up to the bone.

Goodhead (wasn’t that the name of a James Bond girl?): Any large golf store will have the weights also. Walmarts are a little funny, there are 2 Walmarts within 10 miles of my house, but they dont carry the exact same items. The golf weights (I golf once a week for 20 years, and I have never seen anyone actually use one on their club), will be right where the golf clubs and balls are, usually hanging on a “tree” with clips holding the small packages, as opposes to being on the shelf.

Good Luck :lep:

Their formal name’s are “swing rings” for golfing.

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My local Wal-Mart didn’t have them, neither did a couple of sporting goods stores in the area. I just ordered some from They look like the right kind of weight. I’ll post here after I’ve received them and taken them for a ride. :)

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Yeah, if you pull the shin forward through the rings and push them hard against the bone they stay on well, sometimes a little too well. The excess skin bunched up at the end protects the glands.

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Yeah!!!! I found them!!! I can cry I’m so happy. Thanks :D

Big girtha you been a BIG help, i have a qustion though…how is pumping? I tried it briefly, for about 2 weeks, didn’t really like it and then lost my tube moving :( I was wondering is the gains permanet? I hear alot about it going both ways. How much girth have you gained from it and how long? Also do you shrink if you take time off from it? And how much have you gained from the golf weights? how long? I feel like a surveyer…. or whatever you call them :D

RubberbandMan forgot….thanks man. I thought I was going nuts not being able to find them 4-5 people told me they had them.

And big G. hahahahahaha I skipped the starbucks story….very embarrasing, did you keep walking or did you pause for a minute. But honestly I doubt anyone caught that part unless they were staring right at you they would assume it fell out of your pocket. I do feel back for the poor guy that picked it up, probaby examined it wondering what it is lol.

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