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Golf weights and erection

Golf weights and erection

Just curious for all o those who use golf weights for an ADS: What do you do when you get an erection with them on?


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Lol Iamaru.

First I’ll say I don’t use golf-weights, but they don’t have a very large inner circumference, a little under 4”.
The first thing you would do would be to apply a proper wrap which in turn would suppress your erection.

Just don’t use one as a cock ring.

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As long as you do not have a baseball bat dick, it will usually slip off with a little lube because the inside diameter surface is rounded.

There was a post a while back regarding a guy who stuck his dick through the hole of a twenty five pound weight, got stuck, and waited four days before going to the hospital to have it (the weight) cut off when his dick turned black. I believe he eventually recovered after several months of therapy.

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