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Going to try three months

Going to try three months

Did maybe 5 weeks of PE and no growth. I changed routines maybe 3 times and my erection quality slightly dropped. I’m going to rest till February and check my junk may 1st. However, I did learn how to jelq properly and learned when too much is too much. If nothing works on the newbie routine for three solid months I’m done with it. Also, my measuring is weird. My rule is able to bend so for bone pressed sometimes I get 5.7 or 5.5. I only measured non bone pressed at first and I didn’t gain a muscle. Girth is also zero, but that to be expected. I’ll be patient, when the school year is coming to a close in may Ill measure.

Just reporting the experience of a newbie who is defiantly either a slow gainer, a no gainer, or I’m just killing my dick.


too tired to re-write the whole post, but maybe my idea i gave to Wang works for you too…

Have a look here: PE and Overall Penis Health Tips

Best regards


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Thanks Richard. Ill give the little fella till Feb to heal up and ill slowly escalate and log results as I go along. At least I know what’s a bad jelq and stretch. Can’t wait will may 1st!


Originally Posted by jubbyrob

It’s only a peanut!

You might want to consider posting your routine and allowing the vets to help you modify it for better gains.

Pre PE: 5/8/04 BPEL 6.25" EG 5"

Goal: BPEL 7.5" EG 5.5"

Routine, Pics

3 consistent months of newbie routine after a short break to make sure your penis is in tip top condition? Sounds good to me.:)

Good luck!

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