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Going to give it a good crack introduction

Going to give it a good crack introduction


I joined this forum years ago but never actually did any PE from here. Now it is time. I was going to spend money on an Andropenis today but really thought about the inconvenience of wearing a device that I do not really know works for 9 hours a day. Then I considered a Bathmate, I also cannot be sure if it actually works. Then I remembered Thundersplace - any resource that has no financial profit to be gained (not directly selling a product) I trust. I read the blurb that reminded me that no actual money needs to be spent to for PE. I did about 1 month of jelqing (that I learned from a mail order book) and pumping about 15 years ago and really gained a nice chunk of girth in the middle of my penis that has never gone away.

My motivation for PE is to increase confidence. I am a ‘grower not a shower’, completely flaccid my penis looks embarrassingly small like an acorn - however upon erection it is pretty average at 5 inches NBPEL with above average girth which I gained from that short one month of PE 15 years ago. My ex wife and GF’s haven’t given a **** and say that it is thick (and they honestly don’t seem to care either way) so like most men, it is psychological for me. I would love to have the confidence to use a urinal instead of going in a stall. I hate having to feel embarrassed about going to the doctors (when for whatever reason they see me naked) and explaining that it may be small when flaccid but grows to 5 inches with nice thickness (they do not care obviously, only I do). So I have printed out the beginners program - and I intend to donate to this forum as I appreciate this (made first donation 5 minutes ago). Thanks for providing this service and if anyone cares I shall post progress and pics, hopefully I am not a hard gainer and will get results.

Oh yeah, I am not going to spend money on a Bathmate or Andropenis, I will do the beginners routine for 6 months and donate some monies instead. Thanks again.

Nice to meet everyone.


Welcome on the active side of the forum. I think pics and progress reports are always interesting and useful. Manual exercises are actually the backbone of PE and most of people don’t exploit the full potential of them IMO.

Generally speaking, flaccid size improves earlier with PE than erect size, but of course we all are different.

Welcome to the club. Enjoy the journey!

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