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Going to college in 2.5 weeks, jelqing advice please

Going to college in 2.5 weeks, jelqing advice please

Hey everyone,

I love this site and was wondering if I could use some serious advice. I had just began jelqing alittle over 2 months and have seen .5” erect length gains and .35” erect girth gains. (Wooo! :) ) I do my PE’ing in my house normally before a shower in a bathroom setting. My exercise consists of warm up cloth 3 times, jelqing session, and stretching sessions before and after. Also an exercise where you can hold ur pee and increase girth, and also a cool down after jelqing where you shake ur shlong ha. Most of this routine can be found on Christian’s Web Blog on This guy is cool he’s my inspiration ha

Christian’s web blog

Christian’s web blog (shorter to show exercises)

But here’s the deal and the reason for this post. I’m going to college in 2 and a half weeks! Like I said I do my PE’ing before a shower in the privacy of my own home. It takes about 15-20 minutes I think, and it’s before a shower. As a freshman in college, I will be in a suit hall where there are two rooms. Each room has two roommates (I’m one of them), and in between them is a shower/bathroom with locking doors in between the two rooms. I’m kinda nervous as to how to continue this routine and build upon PE’ing. I don’t wanna stop doing it! Ha but ya all advise or relations to my problem are welcome

I think, since I have morning classes, I can probably get into the bathroom later and make a habbit of it, or maybe very very early in the morning before my first class. I don’t wanna hog to much bathroom time, so maybe shower once a day, and once PE a day. But ya idk this is my first time away from home lol and college could be weird ha, wat do you guys think? Any advise or past experience is so welcome ha. Also I can go home on the weekends, but that’s only 2 days and home is like 2 to 2.5 hours away!

Thank you everyone for reading this post. I know it might sound like the dumbest post ever, but for real I’m nervous about this but stoping PE’ing isn’t an option not yet ha, and neither is telling my future roomies (although they seem cool I talked to them before)

Try splitting up your routine. Have jelqing in one session and stretching in another. You could always wait until everybody is asleep to do it.

Look up stealth PE and see what options you have. Here are 2 I found useful for your case;
Stealth PE’ers - Any luck splitting up jelqing and stretching?
Stealth PE - How do I deal with PE in close quarters

Bed fowfers can hit length hard and do jelqs in the shower with the occasional piss pull every time you hit up the bathroom.

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I started my PE my freshman year of college, in a similar dorm/shower situation. I would usually just go to a deserted bathroom in the top floor of the library, lock myself in the big handicapped stall, and do my PE there. 9 times out of 10 I could do a 20-30 min routine without even having someone else come into the bathroom and even if they did, I was in a stall and they would have just thought I was taking a crap or something. All of my PE gains, which weren’t much, came in this period of time during my freshman year of school. I would just look for a bathroom that is perpetually deserted, with a nice big locking handicapped stall and do it there.

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Great thanks for the links aom91 sounds great. An ya 8-Ball I’m hoping I can just do it in my own bathroom that the four ppl my 2 rooms share. It would seem better and more safe ha. But ya I think I might split up my routine does that really work best? Hopefully college will be a time of newfound penis growth then PE quiting! :) Any other thoughts?

My girth exercise is the squeezes because I can do it in the shower easily. You could dry jelq in the shower or do the squeeze for girth. 20-25 mins. is usually the amount of time us college guys take showers anyway. I was a freshman last year.

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8-Ball’s idea is great, and I think that doing your PE in a different location from you living space may actually make it easier to be consistent with it. As long as the bathroom you choose is a short walk from your dorm, it will be like going to the gym — something you get into a routine of doing, and know is good for you, and you won’t put off until too late in the day. It will be satisfying to get done with the routine and go home.

Ya that makes sense, thanks 8-ball and Para-Goomba! I might try that out then. And sed26 thanks for the info from a fellow college dude, but can you send me a link to the squeezes exercise? Idk what that is ha, and do you think that’s (along with jelqing) best for girth gains? Also I’m guessin you are gonna continue PE’ing in college?

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