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Going soft during oral- Help:

Going soft during oral- Help:

Hey all,

So this has been happening to me fairly regularly now and it’s driving me into an early grave with stress! I’ve no doubt it’s psychological but it’s so depressing when you’ve really been enjoying it then it drops like a rock,

I’ve been doing kegels for about 2 months now but they don’t seem like there helping whatsoever, my next best guess would be trying edging? Would this help? If I get near the ponr a few times then leave it alone till I either next have sex or get oral etc should this probably send me over the ponr easy the next time I get it?

Man in need. :(

You might be causing BC/PC muscle fatigue by over doing your kegel routine; this has been known to cause a drop in EQ.

However, if your EQ is fine during masturbation and you’re getting morning wood then, you may wish simply try relaxing, or perhaps sit up during oral so you’re more engaged with what’s going on and so that your unit is beneath your heart - works great for me.

If the problem persists, you could purchase some form of ED drug which will in the short-term alleviate your stress and and allow you to put your anxiety behind you.

Its probably purely psychological. You are worried it will happen, so you get anxious and it starts to happen, then you PANIC and go completely soft. You need to break the cycle and slowly as you get your confidence back, you can break the cycle.

Two major ways to break the cycle is;

1) Don’t touch your dick for about 2 weeks, no porn, no sex at all! You will be so horny, it MAY get you past THINKING about it when you get oral.

2) Cialis or viagra. This will help quite a bit breaking the cycle.

3) Combination of both. This is probably the best shot at it. No sex for two weeks AND Cialis or Viagra.

Really, once you get your confidence back, and quit being ANXIOUS during oral sex, you will give your body a chance to react normally. Also, learn to just tune into the sensations and get out of your head, your thoughts about it. I like to bring a hand held mirror and watch from all different angles when getting head. It helps to get you out of thinking about it, by giving you new and exciting angles to watch from.

The biggest thing here is don’t take it seriously, consider it just temporary and that you will be fine. The more panicked you are by this, the worse you make it.

The other thing that works pretty good is to do a 69 position when getting head, that is a great way to be distracted, by something very exciting. The moment you concentrate on giving her pleasure, your dick will get hard as rock.

You will be fine as soon as you stop taking this seriously.

Thanks guys to both of you, I’ll let you know how I get on but you’ve already made me feel alittle better.

I went through this for years while pe’ing off and on. Believe me I know how messed up it is to hear a girl say, “hurry up and finish I have to sleep!”. I didn’t know what was wrong with me at the time but I suspect it was over vigorous masturbation. Then just a few months ago I discovered pumping helps keep the blood vessels in the head expanded allowing me to cum in ten minutes no problem.

What do you mean by pumping?

Had this problem before. Sounds strange buy try having her go down on you while you’re standing as opposed to laying or sitting down. I always get the most blood flow when I’m standing. Could be as simple as that.

Stay thirsty

Originally Posted by fuuuuuu
What do you mean by pumping?

You know a penis pump,…. Adult novelty sex toy that draws a vacuum on the penis drawing more blood into the blood chambers and encouraging erections.

Rconkn makes another good point. It all has to do with gravity encouraging better blood flow. Alot like holding a golf club versus baseball bat.


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