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Going limp now. What up with that?

Going limp now. What up with that?

Hey Guys,

I am kind of concerned now. I have been PEing off and on for about 2 months now. I have gone from 5” to 5” 9/8. A while back I was sort of between women so I was really starting to get into a routine. However, just recently I met a girl and I am faced with a problem. I can’t seem to get it up. I don’t know if it’s the PEing or that age thing (44 years old now). I need you’re help. She is totally hot and she is ready to take things to a higher level. We’ve done it one time so far and we were only able to go one round. I’ve been trying to improve my stamina so that we can at least go a couple more. I read in the supplements thread that horny goat weed would do the trick so I’m taking two 500 mg supplements per day. Maybe this was a mistake because a few nights ago I couldn’t get it going. I hope it’s nerves or just things that are going on in my life right now. I am going though a divorce and maybe the stress is starting to get to me. I hope you guys can help me with this because if I can’t get things going with my new girl thing might not work out for me with her. In dyer need.

Tucan Sam.

Give PE a rest. Go to your urologist and get some Viagra. They hand out free samples like candy now a days. This will build your confidence up.

1. It’s easy to find out if excessive PEing is causing the problem. Stop PEing for a week. Does the problem improve?

2. The problem is the fact that you can’t go for “two or three rounds” in a row? I’m only a smidgen over 20, and I can’t do that! :)

3. If you’re experiencing genuine erection problems and they aren’t relieved by a PE break, see a doctor. As Monument said, Viagra can work wonders, even if the problem is partly psychological.

I’ve had ED issues in the past year and I’m only 24. The advice I can give you is don’t let it mess with your head…
First thing to do is relax and lay off PE for a while. Does it get better after that?
If it doesn’t solve your problem, see a doctor. Question what could cause it.
One thing more, never underestimate the influence that your brain can have over your dick. I had ED while with my ex with whom sex was very complicated. She did not turn me on this much neither. Now I’m with a new girl and she just makes me crazy. She’s a total turn on to me and every time we meet I feel like fucking her over and over again. In 6 months, I’ve gone from having a low sex drive to being sex crazy like when I was 15 and having sex 3-4 times a night. Never underestimate the power of your brain.

Also l-arginine can help (seems to work for me). But it only gives a little bit more firmness to your erection. It won’t higher your sex drive.

Some good advice has been given here. Tribulus will make you hornier. As for the prohormones or steroids I heard they also do too but are much riskier. If you aren’t excercising or working out do so. Excercise increases testosterone as well as improve blood circulation, and physical stamina. You might even look better physically for your girl :)

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If you are loosing sex drive that might be your age (less free testosterone or too much estogenes) . If you are horny but having erection problems that might be too much PE or just stress because of the divorce and trying to be superhero with the new girlfriend. There are other ED causes (e.g. vascular ED) but that does not seem to be your case. You can always consult urologist just in case.

I am 43 myself and I have less sex drive. I made hormone tests that are available and they are OK. Supplements that I tried did not help at all.

I just don’t think that mutch about sex like when I was young. When I get to bed with a woman I am OK. So I think I will need to live with that change.

If you want quick fix to your erection problem just get Viagra or Cialis. But in long term you should keep a helthy way of life.

Don’t smoke, don’t drink alkohol (except some read wine), drink a lot of water, go to fitness, eat proper food, take L arginine 3g daily, Zink, massage your balls in the morning, sleep enough, don’t do too much PE, keep your blood presure and cholesterol low. There are more things but those are a must.

Now about your other worries.

I don’t worry myself going more than one round as it usually takes more that 1 hour and my girlfiend is satisfied and quite exhausted especially if we do it anal. How long do you last? If you have less sex drive for the second round then you better focus to last longer with the first one and you will be OK.

One hour is not a limit. Once (I was 30 then) I had a round lasting of 3 and a half hours non stop just because I was curious how long I can last. But I think thats an extreme. 1 hour is usually more than enough. Otherwise its get boring and more like a kind of sport not sex if on a daily basis. Well, at least at my age.

Some more on supplements. Tribulus terestris that was mentioned here has no effect to me. I have tried up to 750 mg daily.

Damiana (Turnera diffusa) the same no effect. I tried only low doses of 25 mg though.

Some people say it works but not for me.

L-arginine can help with erections (it works through NO like Viagra) but I take it for other reason. It makes loads huge !

Sorry last one. Take 800 units of vitamin E daily at that age.

This is all very good info. I really apericiate the input and I feel more confident about myself now. It a tough world and Have to keep up (no pun intended). I think I’m going to talk to my doctor to make sure everything is OK. I just went for my yearly checkup and all is OK. I didn’t talk to him about this at the time and a kind of wished I did. Thanks a bunch. I will keep you posted on this.


Hey Guys,
I’m back. Sorry it took so long to get back. I just want to say that this Viagra stuff really worked. WOW! Just what I needed to get me over the edge. Me and my girl have been having sex like teenagers. Without it. I went to the Doctors to make sure everything was OK and he gave me a prescription to Cialis and gave me some sample Viagra. I will use it for insurance just to make sure. I stop PEing and thing are good. This week I am going to ease back into my PE routine. Thanks alot guys. This Forum ROCK!

Tucan Sam.


Glad to read that the “V” gave you back your confidence and vigor. Good for you.


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