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Going for length only from now on

Going for length only from now on

I have lurked for some time and done jelqs for years plus my own secret style of jelq.. Long story short I have 7 ” base girth easy and 6.5 girth mid shaft but have been disappointed with length gains. I was never able to break past 7.9bpel except during one measurement.. “. .. But I never did any real stretching or hanging.. About a month ago I started doing jelqs again after a long break.. But I stopped and realized that more girth could hinder future length gains.. So now I do 4 twenty min manual stretches plus lost about ten lbs but wasn’t that overweight to begin with

Also pictures and new measurements at the end of this month.. Not sure what my final goal is except to scare the hell out of some poor girl.. :D

Does anyone remember a forum called cheeky cherry? Like ten years ago I was a member there and on PE forums.. Infact I remember dld drom before he was ten inches. I also talked to him a few times and remember he started his own website that caused a big uproar in the PE community especially because the webmaster of another free sight was helping him.. I don’t remember my old handle but does dld still have that site I wonder??

God PE is starting to get some age!

I have the same problem. I don’t want anymore girth but I don’t want to give up jelqs because they give me great EQ.

I am right where you are at. A 7.5” base girth (and the girth behind my balls is WAY higher, I can easily use a large cable clamp) so length gains have been so extremely tiring for me. It really is a frustrating thing, but at the same time, do we even “need” more? Probably not. But I understand your urge try try for them as I share that feeling. I have been dead set on a 9” BPEL for years now. My best recommendation would be to start hanging. But don’t expect it to be easy, as with your monstrous girth, you will have to go up to fairly heavy weights.


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