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Going backwards

Going backwards

Hi. After my PE made me gain an inch in length and about half an inch in girth I suddenly started to have lack of erection. I thought it was just stress but after a long vacation from my work I`m totally relaxed. I`ve been doing my routine as usual and experimented a little but I can see a huge difference in size. It´s shorter, thinner, terrible EQ, low sex-drive etc. Etc. What is going on?

Almost always a sign of going overboard with your routine. Take a couple of rest days and then back off on the intensity.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

That sounds reasonable BUT I only do 4 workouts a week and they are only about 15 minutes long + I´ve been using the same routine for 6 months now without any problem?? I don’t know what to think really.

If that’s the case, I doubt it’s PE related. What’s your routine like?

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I all depends on what you do for that 15 minutes.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Take a 3 week break from PE, just cut it cold turkey. During this time don’t masturbate, and unless you have to don’t have sex either. Just leave your penis alone and when you get off the break you should be back to normal :)

Another thing you can do is have a look at your diet and exercise habits, sometimes bad food and no exercise will have a very negative impact on your sex drive and EQ.

Too much alcohol, smoking etc.


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To try to answer you all: I`m almost 30 years old, I don`t smoke or drink and I workout 3 times a week. My routine looks like this: 4-5 times a week I do manuell stretching 3-4 directions, 1,5-2 minutes each. 50-60 very strict jelqs. My routine before that was 200 jelqs every other day and manuell stretching 3 directions with 2 minutes hold on my non jelqing days. It worked really good for many of months but I felt that it started to be to much for me and that’s why I changed it. I could perhaps take a break from PE and masturbating but my partner needs sex alot so that part I can not change. Anymore points on this would be interesting and Thank You very much all you who answered so quickly.

I’m having a similar problem. I am having a hard time getting full wood. I smoke though so that may contribute. Also I found a thrombosed vein near the base of my dick and I did some reverse kegels which apparently are bad for penis health. I find this problem is getting better though and I’m going to cut out reverse kegels.

Like Up to 7 said it might not be PE related. Are you still aroused by your partner? Try cutting off masturbation if you’re getting lots of sex.

I will try to take one week off to see if anything turns in the right direction.

4 days off from Pe, sex and masturbating. Starting to look like my flaccid size is getting bigger. My dick was kind of big in flaccid before but this fatigue state but during this last weeks it’s been down to like thumb-size so the flaccid gains should be a good signs, right?

Could be a general health issue. Do you have non-EQ related issues too?

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I don`t really understand what you mean. Could you explain a little bit more?

Started with PE again today after about a week off from it. During this week I realized that I still had some stress related issues that I`m still working on. Another thing that made my EQ terrible that I just realized was that I started doing bending (never done it before) on my morning-wood. I just realized that it made my unit overworked and it was in a fatigue state all the time. Made good progress from day one until I started bending it. Now I`m starting all over with the Newbie Routine and after my first session today it felt great, just like it did the first time I tried it. After one week off from sex I just had to get laid twice today almost directly after my PE session so now I feel a little bit worn out. Maybe tomorrow will be a day off from PE just to ensure that I`m not working my unit to hard. So this is not a question but I would really like to get some response. And thanks again all you that have responded.

Make kegel all day (when your are sit, or walking in your days on and off) it’s a good exercice for your dick (and strong EQ). My, I try to make 100 to 200 rapid kegel (2-5 sec) by day when I not forgot! ;)


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