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I PE-ed in high school with a very solid routine. I didn’t believe any of this stuff and doubted the results people stated. Once I began the fastest result was increased erection quality. I ended up doing PE for about one solid year until I began college. I didn’t have the privacy to continue. It’s hard to scale what my results were during my PE work, I’d estimate close to an inch in length. I jelqed everyday for approximately a half hour and manually stretched as a warm up. Anyway.the point of this post is because I want to get back into it and would like to know a few things. Do I pick up where I left off?—30 minutes? What exercises would target length the best for someone who has already gained some length from jelqing in the past. My EQ hasn’t ever been better, any ideas would be appreciated, thanks.

If I was you I would start up with a light routine at first. You gained last time so no sense in jumping into too deep of waters right off the bat. If you had success with 30 mins of Jelqing and some stretches; Start off with 10 minutes of jelqs and work your way back up. No need to rush.

Or, just do the newbie routine like most will probably say lol

Start 2/15/10 - BPEL 6.5", EG 4.875"

Short Term Goal- BPEL 7", EG 5.325"

First off, understand that it may take you at least a month to get back to your previous intensity based on how long how passed since you last PEd. What I would do in your shoes is start with 100-125 or so jeqls (around 5-8 minutes) and initially increasing this by 10 or so jelqs every session. You want to constantly monitor your EQ and post-workout penis hang. If you are not over training, your penis should be somewhat plump after your workout and you should be getting more and harder erections. Keep doing this until you notice that your EQ drops. Then slow down or go back to the volume that was giving you good EQ.

Thanks for the advice.will definitely be starting light.

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