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GM_Pinheads says hello from Canada.


The vast majority of guys will have some gains in a few months. Hurting your self will set you back a good chunck of time. Just start reading the newbie forum front to back and doing the basic routine, and keep us posted as to how things are going.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Male Wrestlers

One small thing I noticed (< see what I did dere?), when I watch the WWF or WWE wrestlers (all big muscled and oiled up, tight shorts) as it’s known now, I seem to grow exponentially.
Could it be that my petite penis is psychological and not physical?
I am in constant battle with myself and others over my homosexuality.
Maybe all I need is a good shrink (< pun-jab)


I’m in love with my Nigerian friend and he doesn’t even know it.

Oh no, not another :::Wiggle::: thread!


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