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Glass of water soaks

Glass of water soaks

I have begun to use a hot glass of water for my warm ups and warm downs.
I find this far superior to cloth wraps. The hot cloth wraps seem to lose their heat within 2 minutes while the glass of water stays hot for 10 minutes. Also, it’s much easier to use a glass of hot water than the wraps IMO.
I often just press the glass firmly against my pubic bone and surf the Internet for 5 minutes. There is no mess, which is nice.

I have made the water as hot as I can stand it, but is there a temperature I should be wary of exceeding?
I’m a digital person so I often like to deal with numbers and measurements and would prefer to drop a thermometer into the glass every time for consistency.

I use a cup of hot water to soak in also, but I pour it from a hot/cold water dispenser. The ratio that works for me is around 5 parts hot/2 parts cold.

When I’m done soaking, I keep the water to dip my fingers in while I wet jelq. (It keeps the lube slick.)

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I too like a (tall) glass of water.

I usually do a 25-minute session (5 min stretch, then 20 min jelq) every 1.5 days. Every 5 min or so, I dip in the water for 45 sec. I keep a teakettle of hot water nearby so I can up the temperature and keep my little friend nice and warm.

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I’ve been thinking about modifying a facial steamer for warm-up use. I’m beginning to think moist heat that hydrates the tissues might be the way to go.

I use a hot wrap for my initial warmup. After that, I fill a cup with hot water and just dip my dick in it for a minute or so after every 100 jelqs. I use a plastic cup because it tends to get lube all over it, and I can just throw it away after it gets too messy.

I tried the hot water soak with a glass but I felt like it was a bit too cumbersome and the water still got cold fast. I actually bought a $12 heating pad from the local drug store. It works perfectly for this purpose. I just pull my penis out, wrap the pad around it over my stomach and let it warm up for a while.

Insulated coffee cup

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