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Glans vein injury

Glans vein injury

Hi guys, it’s me again. This would be my first serious injury report. Hours ago, I was dry jelqing. Should have stopped after 10 minutes but, it was Cytherea on my laptop screen, and I hot carried away, for 40 minutes. Yes, 40 minutes of dry jelqing with a tight grip. Also add that to 30 minutes in the morning. Then suddenly, while my foreskin was moving forth and back, I saw a bundle of whitish veins running perpendicular to my frenulum near to the meatus. It was prominently popped with a reddish rim surrounding it. I thought this was a positive PI. Then I noticed that the underside of my glans of which the veins seems to originate is totally edematous and whitish. I stopped immediately. The erection subsided. Slowly the glans returned to it’s old colour.

10 minutes later, disaster struck! The point where the veins seem to originate had a rough black spot, 0.5cm in diameter. First it looked like a mole, but then I didn’t remember seeing any mole there for the past 23 years!! It had distinct necrotic black colour to it. There’s no pain, whatsoever!

So, anyone of you had that before? I’m laying of jelqing for weeks to come, but will I be able to use my guy anymore?

Probably just ruptured a vein and it’s bled under the skin. Leave it alone until it’s gone, then for a few days after. When you start up again, be very gentle for at least a couple of weeks, then increase intensity/time very slowly, because it will be a weak spot and may recur again easily for a while.

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Lucky me, it don’t sound so serious. Will heed to your advice and lay off for a couple of days.

Veins on Glans: The Verdict

Hey folks. After my injury yesterday, I’m having a serious doubt about those bundles of nerves that appears on your glans. Generally talking, appearance of bulging veins is a good sign that your efforts are paying off nicely as significant amount of blood is being pumped into veins in any particular anatomy of your anatomy (unless we are talking about a badly thrombosed or vericose veins). However, why some of the PEr’s start to panic out whenever bundle of whitish veins appear on their glans or penis head. Based on the threads that I manage to search on Thunder’s Place, majority of people start to freak out whenever veins showed up on their glans! Perhaps, its time to set things right. Should the appearance of veins on glans be considered as a negative PI or a positive PI?

For your info, after my so called black spot injury and veiny glans yesterday, I woke up with a painful morning wood and had a good all day long. What will you say about that?

Ease up the pressure on jelqs. You are fine, rest and don’t worry.

Hmmm I would think a veiny glans is a bad sign. I can’t say I’ve ever seen a veiny glans but I’m no urologist so I really don’t know. If I were in your shoes though I personally would ease off for a few days or weeks until you have no more pain and the veins have cleared up from your glans area.

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I remember that I once noticed a tiny vain on my glans (not so much visually but I could feel it touching it) at a time when I did a lot of PE. With a break of 2-3 month the vein disappeared, and when starting on my (hard) routine it came back after a while when PE.

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Again, Veins on Glans

I’m writing about the veins on my glans for the third time. As advised in previous post, I have totally laid off PE for at least 10 days due to the appearance of those nasty little bundle of veins on my glans! However, the veins doesn’t seem to disappear. Rather, they started to show up even in my flaccid state! As I slide my foreskin back, the veins bulges out very prominently, perpendicular to my frenulum across my glans. I couldn’t imagine in rough sex that this veins bundle bursts and the glans undergo NECROSIS as in this picture:…9003556-gr4.jpg Horrible, horrible thoughts.

On the other hand, my EQ is above average and apart from the occasional discomfort in the glans which comes from the bulging veins, I do not feel any pain. I’m noticing girth gains near the base with alot of new veins bulging. Should I continue to dry jelq as usual or totally lay off for months? The veins on my glans just seem to be expanding every time I looked at them.

What should I do?

If they are causing discomfort, I would continue to lay off PE if I were you. I don’t think there is a danger of ending up like in that rather nasty photo though. (By the way, we do ask that you upload photos to the site and don’t link to outside photos, because links go dead. But as that is so nasty I’m going to leave it and hope it does go dead. :) )

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