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Glans too small.. can this help

Glans too small.. can this help

I used to have a sufficiently large dick. that’s funny when i say I used to, it seems like I am dead now.
But yeah quite, i am 25 yeard old, i got some form of prostatitis, and then lost the strength of my erection, it used to be hard rock. I am not sure if it was prostatitis or because I took Saw Palmetto and now I am unsure what to do with it. Anyhow the main problem is even when my dick get erect which is like 80% of the time, and it remains soft and THE GLANS WON T FILL , THEY REMAIN SMALL LIKE IN A NON-ERECT pENIS.
you can immagine how hard it is to get used to something like that.

Anyway My question here is : if I used any of these techniques, will it help in elarging my Glans ? at least even if they remain soft they won t look ridiculous. if any, please tell me which excercise and where to start from. I hope so.

and I always had this uestion, will a normal PE excercise decreae the hardness of the penis.

OK hope to hear from you guys


Your question is a little hard to understand. You refer to the glans as multiple items. Your glans is the head of your penis. Is this what you mean? Please clarify, and one of the vets may have an answer for you.

Also, you will get better responses if you use the spell-check feature, and also the forum guidelines (again), before you post your reply.

Good luck!


Welcome, justforfun, and I feel your pain.

I had a case of prostatitus when I was 28, and my erections were never QUITE the same. The prostatitus came at the exact same time, and I believe was caused by, a rogue kidney stone that I went to the hospital for. I say “rogue” because I’ve never had one before or since. The ex-ray just showed no more in my kidney.

I used to get rock-hard before that point myself. After that point, I went to a doctor about the erection “problem”, and he blew it off, because I could still get erect enough for sex. Yeah, I could still get an erection, but I could sure tell the difference. It just wasn’t the same. The part that especially wouldn’t get as hard as before was near the base, in my case.
Up until reading your post, I’ve never remember hearing mention of prostatitus affecting anyone else’s erection quality, but it sure did with me, IMO. I can be kind of a whiner at times, so I just finally told myself to live with it, and it seemed to get a little better through the years.

Here’s the good news:
Three years ago, I started kegeling, and ever since then, I get rigid erections just about anytime I want. And, I stay hard for as long as I like. It’s made that much difference. My unit gets really hard most times these days, but never so hard that it practically hurts and feels like it’ll explode like it once did. That part has changed. I don’t think I’d want to get THAT rigid again anyway. LOL
Try one-half hour of kegels every three or so days, and see what happens. Oh, and I’d try some good, long stroke jelking. They both help with circulation, which I’d guess is your problem.
Good luck!

I’m 19 now and I have never really had great erections, but after I started with the kegels I saw improvements in weeks. It seems too damn simple to actually work, but for many it does.

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