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Glans sensitivity

Glans sensitivity

I’ve been doing PE for about a year on and off and have seen some decently good gains, but I feel that I may have damaged some nerves in my glans. My girlfriend recently decided to bring ice cubes into bed and although she enjoys it, I can’t feel the temperature change at all in my glans. I’ve read that the nerves in the glans can’t really detect thermal changes or light touching, but I’m still not convinced. Should I go see a neurologist/urologist, or am I just worrying for nothing?

Yes, see a doctor. Not that I’m concerned for your present state. I don’t think there’s a problem. Seeing a physician will ease your mind and that’s priceless.


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I haven’t pe’d in months and I have to say my glans is much more sensitive now.

What about before PE? do you remember how it was?

My glans isn’t good in detecting thermal changes too. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t see a doctor, but I think this normal.

Originally Posted by Titleist
Yes, see a doctor. Not that I’m concerned for your present state. I don’t think there’s a problem. Seeing a physician will ease your mind and that’s priceless.



I too have this problem. I wasn’t sure at first, but now I’m positive I’ve lost some sensation. What worries me is that if I continue to PE, it’ll get to the point where I feel almost nothing. Can some senior members give their two cents on this? Does sensation return after a long break of PE?

I’m not going to say that you’ve damaged anything, but I will say that personally, I can detect temperature change very clearly with my glans. Light touching is also detectable. Don’t touch your dick for 2 weeks and see what happens to your sensitivity. Not masturbating, no sex, no PE.

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The nerves in the glans are better at detecting friction than heat or cold. It’s unlikely you have damaged the nerves in your glans doing PE; you may have thickened the skin on the glans a little if you partly hold by the glans when stretching.

If, for your peace of mind, you want to see a doc, fine. But I doubt it’s necessary.

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