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Glans rings to stop turtling.


Saw your pics.

Originally Posted by Yokamotive
The ‘turtling’ won’t hurt you, its just nature’s way and nature knows what’s good for your unit. I turtle better than a turtle and I am huge.

You must be doing something right. This is all one big experiment, and I think that is what I like about it. Some PE’ers swear by heat, and some claim we should never allow turtling, so healing takes place when we are extended. I guess it really is one of those whatever works for you kind of things, or maybe one of those ” you just got to believe things”.

I guess it doesn’t hurt to avoid turtling either, but thanks for the other view point. I do let peter do what he wants when I sleep.

You have a number of theories on how size develops but most are false, and no real record is kept on what works. The penis is a small small organ in the broad scheme of things and anything you do to it probably has some effect. I have never used heat, I have never stopped the turtling, and I have a large penis. I was once average and average was so pitiful it makes me cry looking back at it. I only mention these things because the folk lore about these things makes no sense to me. But, you can have fun wrapping it and heating it and treating it a lot like a hot dog, there is nothing wrong with that; and you move forward in the process. Try not to make the simple more complex than it has to be. Just my 2bits.

Please use caution in regards to anything posted by Yokamotive kiddies. He is our old troll friend Shilow come back to pay us a visit and spread more of his troll crap.



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