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Glans get smaller after PE sessions

Glans get smaller after PE sessions

That’s rather weird. As far as PI go, I am rather positive; The erection is a tad harder, the flaccid length looks better, the cock feels fuller and the orgasms are better (yes I jerk off after each session.). The glans, however, look tiny after each PE session. They refuse to fill with blood like they usually do and are not much bigger than if flaccid. Unless I kegel to pump them up, but they get tiny after a few seconds again. The rest of the cock acts normally.

Returns to normal the next day.

Is this good, or bad? What could be the cause?

Mine kind of does the same thing. The Glans like to deflate. I noticed after about 100 jelqs and some Ulis that they will remain inflated for a little while.

Starting 10/08 - 7.125" EL x 4.5" MSEG

As of 12/08- 7.5" EL x 4.75" MSEG

As of 1/19/08 - 7.75" bpel(previous 7.5" was due to inaccurate ruler) x 4.875" MSEG

Maybe you’re squeezing the glans hard when stretching. If so, try to grasp your penis under the glans and avoid squeezing it.

And if you finish your routine with the stretching, try to start with stretching and finish with jelqing if you want a fuller looking glans.

I hold my grip right under the glans when stretching. I’ll try to move the hand down a bit.

And no, I stretch first, jelq later.

Hope I don’t apply too much pressure or something, but I think it’s a rather light grip already :/

Started: 01/02/2009 ; BPEL: 5.5'' ; EG: 4.35''

01/03/2009 Checkpoint: BPEL 6.0'' ; EG 4.5 '' ; Suspended: 02/03/2009 ; Restarted: 05/01/2010 ; Suspended again: 01/02/2010

Goal: BPEL: 7.0''; EG: 5.5''

OK, everything looks good. I think there is no need to worry about any thing.

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