Glans exercises

I measured my manhood just to get a starting point today, and I’m actually rather pleased with the starting stats, 6” BP, 4.5” EG, .75” fat pad, and while I would like to improve those numbers a bit, I feel like my glans is a bit on the small side, only about 4” around, which seems a little low compared to my other stats. So, I figured I’d start there, and use that as a jumping off point to actually get into some more serious PE once I’m used to doing that regularly. I looked up the Sadsak glans exercise, but I couldn’t really figure out the grip and whatnot. Do you have any tips (or videos) to get me started on the exercise?

BP: 6" (lucky!) fat pad: .75" (not so lucky), visible from erection: 5.25"

Girth: 4.5" (not sure if I measured this right)