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Glans desensitized

Glans desensitized

I was having oral sex with my girlfriend today and after maybe 10 minutes in her mouth, my penis starts to lose sensitivity. It even becomes difficult for me to masturbate myself to climax, after that. I have never had this problem just masturbating by myself and can go several times a day for however long I want without losing any sensitivity. Any ideas as to what’s going on?

Are you uncut and when she sucks you, do you pull your skin back?

I’m circumcised

Than I dont know what could be the cause… After 15-20 minutes with my girl I too start to loose sensitivity in my glans and basically my dick goes dead and it`s almost impossible for me to get erect again, but when I jerk off I have no problem in keeping erect for hours. I am uncut and when I jerk off I leave my skin as it is, but with my girl I pull back the skin and it tugs back behind my dick head and it acts almost like a clamp behind my head, and for me I think that`s the reason why I`m dead after 15-20 minutes. But if you say that you`re circumcised… Maybe someone else will give you a better answer.

I would suggest that being circumcised may have something to do with it, at least partly. Others will likely disagree. Plus, if you’re masturbating several times a day, doing PE and having sex with your GF, then perhaps a case can be made for overuse and abuse of your member.

Im going to go with if your stretching and a lot of pressure is being put on the glans, then you are desensitizing them.

I actually haven’t started PE and I’ve never stretched either. Yesterday I didn’t masturbate either, we just had sex and it still happened.

Maybe it`s your mind that plays tricks on you, but I doubt it. I can actually feel that there`s something wrong with my dick (and maybe you too feel the same). If in your case its not the foreskin, maybe it`s the technique you are/she is using on your dick.

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