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Glans cannot handle much internal pressure

Glans cannot handle much internal pressure

I started PEing several years ago, never got real serious. I thought i had damaged my penis. Glans and frenulum would feel numb and tingly after jelqingt. Have not done much PE over the past two years. Tried to take it easy.

Now, things seem back to normal down there, except after having pressure built up in the glans for an extended period of time(I start noticing after 15 minutes or so) I feel a burning sensation in the middle front of the glans. It is also visibly red in the middle afterwords. This is pressure build up during masturbation, if it was from jelqing(have not done in long time) I’m sure the burning would be much more severe. Also sex does not have the same effect… After an hour of jerking it it almost feels like the glans is damaged, it will shrink real small afterword. Maybe the tissues damaged? Not holding blood like it should?

I’d like to start PEing again for girth, but I do not want the situation to worsen.

Sorry if this post is vague, I’m having trouble describing the problem because i’m not sure exactly what is going on down there.

Dont Jelq for an hour in one go, especially without any lubricant. Also if it gets sore then your most likely doing it wrong. Pressure is ok but avoid the head in any routine.
My head gets small after too, first thing to deflate :chuckle:

I hope everyone agrees with the above, basically Iam saying better safe then sorry.

Ok, I haven’t sat down and done a jelqing session in over a year. It seems to me like there is something wrong with the glans. I’m not sure what would have caused this. I played around with a pump over two years ago, maybe too much pressure, but i was also jelqing. The glans and frenulum used to be numb and tingly after jerking off, so I’m happy that isn’t a problem now, but i’d like to know how to fix my problem with the burning sensation

Maybe you got tiny scars within your tissues. Same you get when stressing your muscles - Sadly, I know what I am talking about. This scar-tissue normaly have a diffrent structure then the surrounding tissues. So they arn’t that flexible and it’s like stessing composite materials. The preasure and stress is focused around where both materials are interconnected. When having those problem within muscles stretching is one solution. Stretching them is a real hurt but it makes the scar-tissue more flexible and also strengthen the normal tissues around the scar.

So it shouldn’t do any harm. And yes it takes some time to cause real pain and normaly it takes three days to 6 weeks to go off. It is a continues inflammation going on and so the nerves are quite responsible.

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