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Glans augmentation

Glans augmentation

So I found this article on a scientific website..
I’m not familiar with statistics though, so could anyone please read this and tell me how much one can actually gain by having this procedure done?
Is it also possible to increase the glans length-wise? (The article only talks about circumference)
Thanks a lot!

Department of Urology, Korea University College of Medicine, Anam-dong, Sungbuk-ku, Seoul, Korea.

Although augmentation phalloplasty is not an established procedure, some patients still need enlargement of their penis. Current penile augmentation is girth enhancement of penile body by dermofat graft. We performed this study to identify the efficacy and the patient’s satisfaction of human glans penis augmentation with injectable hyaluronic acid gel. In 100 patients of subjective small penis (Group I) and 87 patients of small glans after dermofat graft (Group II), 2 cm(3) of hyaluronic acid gel was injected into the glans penis, subcutaneously. At 1 y after injection, changes of glandular diameter were measured by tapeline. Patient’s visual estimation of glandular size (Gr 0-4) and patient’s satisfaction (Grade (Gr) 0-4) were evaluated, respectively. Any adverse reactions were also evaluated. The mean age of patients was 42.2 (30-70) y in Group I and 42.13 (28-61) y in Group II. The maximal glandular circumference was significantly increased compared to basal circumference of 9.13+/-0.64 cm in Group I (P<0.01) and 9.49+/-1.05 cm in Group II (P<0.01) at 1 y after injection. Net increase of maximal glandular circumference after glans augmentation was 14.93+/-0.80 mm in Group I and 14.78+/-0.89 mm in Group II. In patient’s visual estimation, more than 50% of injected volume was maintained in 95% of Group 1 and 100% of Group II. The percentage of postoperative satisfaction (Gr 4, 5) was 77% in Group 1 and 69% in Group II. There was no abnormal reaction in area feeling, texture, and color. In most cases, initial discoloration by glandular swelling recovered to normal within 2 weeks. There were no signs of inflammation and no serious adverse reactions in all cases. These results suggest that injectable hyaluronic acid gel is a safe and effective material for augmentation of glans penis.




Why ouch?

It doesn’t sound that painfull to me at all

Please refer to the surgical forum. Oh yeah, anyway, that procedure is done here in the USA. It’s like $1500 and lasts about 1.5 years. Also, one losses sensitivety. Http://

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Oh sorry my bad, I didnt know there was a surgical forum here too.

Thanks for the link!

Can’t seem to find the surgical forum. Anyone care to help me out?

Originally Posted by cosmoxl

Can’t seem to find the surgical forum. Anyone care to help me out?


"Crazy dancin! Making my penis sore!"

- Dave Chapelle

Hey Crash,

You are not getting off that easy. First do a Surgical Mini Forum (which is basically a thread, sorry) and let’s see how it goes from there. If there is interest and serious discussion, we will have a Surgical Forum.

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