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Glad I've found this place

Glad I've found this place

So I’m 25 and have been hearing more about PE and obviously with the right dedication it works! I used to have a lot more confidence when I hit puberty at 13 I was 5.75 inches so I really figured I was on the right path but seemed to end up staying around 6”.. Majority of my life I was really skinny about 130 lbs . The past 3 years I’ve been lifting weights and now my body is building my boy isn’t looking as big at 5.5 but I know I can achieve some size. When I’m motivated I’m MOTIVATED! Plus right now I have the hottest girl I’ve ever had so lets keep the show going . Any how enough of my story what is the best way to really get started? Any supplements to start with and I’m most definitely ready to get started.

Hey jryan welcome to thunders! I’m new as a member to thunders but have been peing for awhile. I made the mistake of jumping into intense routines too quickly which led to injury, so I definitely suggest sticking to the newbie routine and starting slow and building up if gains slow and as your dick becomes conditioned to it!

As for supplements I have been taking L-arginine 500 mg three times a day and that really helps with blood flow, but this needs to also be taken with L-Lysine to prevent herpes outbreaks.

The best of luck :)

Go to the Newbie Forum and click on it. Center of the home page and only like the third choice down. Now that you have pulled that up look to the upper right and it wil say something like Newbies start here. Click on that and enter the rabbit hole.

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Good luck man! stay consistent and read as much as you can here on thunders!!! I agree with the L-Arginine supplements! Also, Creation Just curious how L-arginine leads to herpes outbreak, I’ve never heard that before!

BPEL - 5 5/8" --- Goal 6"

MSEG - 4.5 " ---- Goal 4.75 "

I have used L-arginine and it releases something in the body that makes me get herpes outbreaks. L-Lysine prevents herpes outbreaks.

Yup welcome aboard. I hope you enjoy your stay. The line is long but worth the wait.

Starting stats 02/10/12 - BPEL 5.5" 13.97cm BPFSL 5.5" 13.97 cm BG 4.80" in 12.19cm

Currently: 9/30/13- BPEL 6.75-6.9" 17.5cm BPFSL 7.00" 17.78cm BG 5.1" 13.2 cm

Short term goal: 7 x 5" Long term goal: 8-9 x 5.5-6.0" "This is Chess not Checkers"

One additional thought to bear in mind as you structure your routine and begin what will be a learning process.

i am thrilled that you have a hot girl friend. Your efforts that you dedicate to PE however shoudl not be for her … they are for you and your self image and self confidence …
THis chick may not be there for the long term … but your dick will! If she is the source of your motivation (whomever the “she” may be) you may loose motivation when “she” isn’t there.

YOur lady friends may be pleased with your gains but that is only a secondary benefit … PE ios for you

Starting (10 / 2011): 6.50 BPEL, 5.50 MEG

Current: 7.50 BPEL, 6.00 MEG

Goal: 8.50 BPEL 6.50 MEG

Thank you guys for the welcome! And Print man you have a great point I will stick with it no matter what Because its what I want just from reading around on here it seems like guys around 5.5-5.75 have achieved 7-7+ let me say I’d be pretty happy with that . I’ve kinda practiced the kegels and the jelq exercises but never more than twice a month , It does seem that my dick is very strong and when I did the PE I got a super pump. I’ve been thinking maybe hanging would be good for me and I’ve also seen the stretchers you can buy but are they reliable? How many days a week can I PE? Okay so right now I will go read the getting started portion for newbies . Sorry for all the questions just excited.

Take a look at the Newbie routine and stick pretty close to that for a few months.

Based on what you have said, I suspect that you will be pretty pleased with the results (i.e. better EQ, Meatier hang, and possibly some sustainable gains)

Once you get your dick a bit more conditioned, you will get a feel for what you are able to tolerate in terms of frequency. Personally, I PE in some fashion everyday … but that is what works for me. Others have found that they do better taking rest days. YOur gonna have to pay attention and figure out what works for you.

I think that I can say without hesitation however, that you are not going to see too much in the way of results if you are only doing PE twice a month!

Starting (10 / 2011): 6.50 BPEL, 5.50 MEG

Current: 7.50 BPEL, 6.00 MEG

Goal: 8.50 BPEL 6.50 MEG

Thanks Again Print Man !! I’ll keep posted

Ucrugger yes kallea had it correct. Something about L-Arginine causes an outbreak of herpes if you already have it, and most people have mild herpes in the form of cold sores. I don think it increases your risk of getting it though as far as I know. L-Lysine supplements will prevent that from happening so they should be taken together.

Jryan I know you will be eager to jump into workouts like hanging but I strongly suggest sticking to the newbie routine for atleast a couple months to completely condition your unit. There are many different opinions on how many days you should workout, some suggest 1 on 1 off, or 2 on 1 off, or 5 on 2 off. Basically just try different things and listen to your dick and the PI’s and you will find what works best for you

Interesting, thanks kallea and creation! Learn something new everyday

BPEL - 5 5/8" --- Goal 6"

MSEG - 4.5 " ---- Goal 4.75 "

Good luck man. Remember: marathon, not a sprint.

Welcome and good luck!

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