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Giving PE a 2nd try, need some advice

Giving PE a 2nd try, need some advice

Hey guys. Here’s the deal. Some months ago I started PE. Did it mostly consecutive with 2 days 30 mins jelq and 1 day off. After about 2.5 months I saw absolutely no difference except for some increased size in flacid state. That just wasn’t motivating at all. I wanna try a 2nd attempt and give it all I’ve got now.

Here’s some things I’ve noticed:

My grip strength is not very strong. Doing a series of 10 jelqs, only the first 2 or 3 or strong and powerful, the latter are not as firm and powerful. My questions: is this possibly a problem? Should I buy some of those bodybuild grip strength enhance squeeze things? (Damn what a sentence.)

Also I usually jelq when I’m about 60% erect. At that state I can give FULL force when jelqing(like I said especially the first 3 jelqs), without feeling any kind of pain.

I could also do it at around 70/80%, at this state I can definitely feel more pressure on me cock, if I do it too hard I’m quite sure I’ll hurt myself.

So what is the best state to jelq in? 60% full force? Or 70/80% with hard pressure on my cock and not totally full force(simply because it then starts to hurt).

One last thing. I always sweat quite a lot. A lot more than average people. When I do normal stretches a sort of thin ‘micro’ layer of sweat forms between my hands/fingers and my cock. Within 3 or 5 seconds I cannot hold any kind of tension anymore. I really feel this is severely limiting the effectiveness of my stretches, and probably my overall progress.? What can I do against this?

Alright fellas, have any good ideas for me?

Talc before you stretch.

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Rather than increasing pressure, try increasing the duration of the stroke to 6, 7 seconds. working for me.

Jelqing with one hand while manual clamping done carefully is also beneficial I have found.

I find a piece of tissue paper makes manual streches a lot easier.

Hope this helps.

I didn’t gaining until my third month. You quit too soon.

As long as you’re consistent with your workouts, I don’t think your weak grip will limit your gains, at least not initially. What’s important in the beginning is to put in the time and stay at it. Eventually, you may need more hand strength. It’s quite possible that your hands will become stronger as a result of jelqing, however, and that no special muscle training will be needed.

Regarding the sweat issue, perhaps you could turn down the heat a bit. Sweat will interfere with your grip. What I have found effective is to thoroughly wash my hands and penis with a non-moisturizing soap before attempting any stretching. This strips all of the oils from my skin and leaves it very dry. Then, I apply a small amount of baby powder and mix in just a tiny bit of clean water. As the water evaporates, the consistency of my skin turns from slightly slick to tacky. WHen it hits that tacky state, I apply the grip. I find that the “tacky” grip is tremendous. I don’t even need to squeeze very hard (good for those with weaker grips). As the water continues to dry, I dab on a tad more, let it partially dry, and repeat. Works for me.

You might also try using a small amount of toilet paper. I find that plain old Scotts works well. You don’t want something that contains perfumes or moisturizers. You just want plain old toilet paper. Just a small bit of the stuff between the hand and the penis absorbs moisture and skin oil and creates a very clean, tight grip. Give it a try.

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get a piece of tioletpaper wrap under the glans and youll have more grip

good luck

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Stay persistent is the way to go. When you didn’t gain with the newbie routine after 3 months, start other exercises.

I’m curious how much grip strength you think you need to jelq that you contemplate training for grip strength. Remember it’s your cock you’re dealing with here, not a dead piece of meat.

Baby powder and toilet paper, good idea. I’ll definitely start to use it.

When I hear you guys I definitely think I quit to soon. I was hoping to be done in 2 or 3 months but that was a bad mentality. I’m going all out now.

And how much grip strength on my cock.? I don’t know.. It wasn’t working so I started wondering about all kinds of things really :) I’ll be safe.

Good ideas.. Thanks.

I’m in my 18th month of PE, and I’m just now closing in on my first inch. This stuff takes time and dedication.

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Try this.

Grab your base and squeeze lite do some pc flexes till your dick is filled with blood and tighten grip. Pc flex some more till it is over filled and start working your way to the head till it is almost uncomfortable and hold. It only takes a few of these to have you all pumped up. Then do your stretches by grabbing tight around the head make sure it’s filled with blood ( this will ensure you from slipping off it’s like a ball at the end of your dick ). When your done with stretching, sitting and with your legs open, litely touching your dick jack it and flex it as hard as possible making it feel like it’s hard as a rock and is going to burst. Try pushing it out of your body like you’re making it longer is the only way I can describe it. I’ll make my dick so hard he’ll run up beside my belly like he’s try to be as tall as me LOL. I usually do that at the end of every kind of workout I do and it feels great. He stays pumped longer. This is a secret to a rock hard dick! I hope this will show you some gains and get you to hang in there. PEing takes time and hard work, it’s not for quitters.

Persistance my man. I’ve seen posts from quite a few who don’t start gaining until six months or so. One guy it took a whole YEAR! A positive addendum to his stats is that once he got started growing he was a real sprinter. Gained at least an inch if I remember correctly. Stay at it my man and don’t forget to kegel and warm the shit out of your dick. I’ve really been working on improving my heat up and I can tell already that it’s gonna be a cornerstone for my future gains. The dick is simply more elastic at the higher temperatures.

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