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Giving out too early


Originally Posted by Ibanez.jem

No injury.. Maybe I masturbate too quickly, I think my body can’t get off unless I’m going at light speed now.

I’ve been here before! Try to masturbate slower and release your grip when you do so you’re not squeezing but just lightly stroking. Over time you’ll find that you can get off just fine by slower gentler strokes and it also feels more sensual and your dick feels less beat up after you finish.

And of course, if you ejaculate less often, you’ll be more sensitive. It takes more effort the second time in a short period. Depending on you, that ‘short period’ may be a little longer than you’d like. You could cut back to maybe once a week and see if you notice it’s any easier.

Wow, I appreciate all the replies. I think I’m going to really hit up the kegels and try edging.. Do you think I should just not release at all when edging then, it might be hard getting used to blue balls, but I think I can handle it.

Well, I wouldn’t release every time you edge. It supposedly helps girth gains, but I think most importantly, it helps develop self control. Not releasing at all would show greater restraint, and as I mentioned before, cumming less often should make cumming easier when you want to.

Good Luck.

I started taking ginkgo and L-arginine along with stopping my use of antihistamines with kegels in addition to using thinner condoms. Things are starting to get a lot better, I honestly think it had alot to do with my addiction to antihistamines, but I added a lot of variables so I don’t know for sure.


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