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Give me advice

Give me advice

I’ve started pumping, jelqing, stretching a few months ago, I notice gains in girth, length and a harder erection. However, I don’t have time to do the exercises/sessions because I’m working at night time and I feel exhausted after work so I sleep when I come home. Can some one help me with this? Also can someone give me an advice to be physically fit, because I’m a little bit chubby so that I can see more of my dick. Can you give me motivation to exercise? I easily lose motivation if I motivate myself so I think I need external factors/motivations coming from other people’s mind. This is my first time to post a thread.

First of all, welcome ecks.

As far as motivation goes, that is a personal thing. It all depends on why you want a bigger dick. For myself, I get motivated each time the wife see’s my tool and says things like “Damn, are you getting bigger?”
I personnally want to push this PE thing as far as it will go. Not wanting to hurt the wife, but I want it to get to the point that she begs for mercy and not for more.

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Thanks for the replies. Now I know what to do. Thanks longman.

ecks, welcome to the forum.

One reason to stay motivated is because you want to be able to feel good about yourself once you reach your goals of being fit and having a large wang because of all the hard work you put into it. I know it’s not easy but once you make it a habit, it’ll be alot easier.

First, set some goals and write them down, including what you will do to reach them. Seccond post them somewhere where you could see them every day.

30 days of doing a specific routine will make it a habit, 6 months later it should be a part of you and would become permanent. Good luck and hope you hang in there with your goals.

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Keep the replies coming.. I really appreciate it. Thanks.

You know, there is a big difference between saying “I just can’t do it anymore.. Help me”, and “Can you give me motivation to exercise?”.

This shows that your concious with what your doing, and not willing to give up easily. That alone, might give you the potential for good gains.

Also, read the article session. There is a great stuff inthere.

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20-30min of cardio, 2-3x a week is a general goal for cardio. Switch the types ever month or so if you’re in a gym (elliptical, recumbent bike, stairmaster, etc.) to prevent from plateau’ing.

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