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Girthy Gains

Girthy Gains

Ok so I have been neglecting any girth exercises basically since I started. I am happy with length gains so far but now my unit is looking a little skinny and I would like it to fill out quiet some.

Firstly I have heard that it is better to work length first then girth. Does this apply to your actual routine or does this mean getting length gains, cementing them and then getting girth gains. Also I understand Ulis are good for girth as well as plump bends will these all so help length gains or hinder them?

Lastly I just wanted to know what exercises everybody else does for girth and what gains you have gotten from them? Are there any exercises you found gave especially good results?


I would advise you to stay with the Newbie routine at least for the first 3 months before trying any advanced exercises. You should also note the fact that you can get girth gains with the Newbie routine as well. Try reducing the time spent on manual stretching and increasing the time spent on jelqing. You can also try to jelq at a higher erection level and at a higher angle.

Many believe that girth gains can get in the way of length gains.

Advanced exercises (like Ulis and plumped bends), besides the fact that they are likely to cause injury to an unconditioned unit, due to their intense nature, also tend to cause faster toughening of tissues than basic exercises, which makes future gains less likely. That is why it is advisable to first achieve what gains you can from basic exercises, before moving on to advanced ones. That said, there are quite a few vets who never went beyond the Newbie routine and are still gaining from it.

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