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i have a few girth concerns/questions. to start off i have small girth, around 4”. just wanted to see if there was any hope for me. was wondering what kind of gains has anyone seen in girth and what techniques you rthink were the most helpful? also i was wondering if stretching the skin sideways would increase girth? like pinching the sides and stretching horizontally

Ah, there’s always hope.

For me I’ve found that plain old jelqing is working pretty good. To really focus on girth you have to jelq with a higher erection level, around 70 to 80% to really hit girth. Don’t go above that otherwise you risk some damage, especially early on.

Stretching the skin really wouldn’t do much unless you wanted extra skin. The kind of motion you want to be doing is squeezing. Make sure to read the newbie faq and sample routine to get a good idea. And then read all the thread you can about jelqing so you can get started right, and not have to take an early retirement. Good luck!

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