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Hey guys,

I know a lot of people ask questions like this, but I’m wondering what the real average girth is. My length is around 6 inches, which I’m fine with, but my girth is 4.6 inches measured around the middle of my shaft. I’ve read so many different things online and I just don’t know what’s true. What do you all think?

My guess would be between 4.75” to 5” mid-shaft. The base would be a bit larger on average, maybe, at most, another fourth of an inch.

Initial: BPEL: 7.5 / MEG: 5.25 / BEG: 6

Current: BPEL: 8.1 / MEG: 5. 7 / BEG: 6.25

I’m going to quote myself here, since I actually just posted this not too long ago in the “True Average” thread…

These more specifically relate to girth (as they are mostly looking at best condom fit), but the studies mentioned do include length.. The Condom Size PDF in particular has a lot of good data and analysis from *many* global sources and includes a fantastic listing of references and other studies at the end.



Long story short — it seems the average girth is around 4.8, and average length is around 5.8” bone pressed in non self-measured/self-reported studies.

Seems to be pretty close to all the other major studies Goomba has posted up involving erections (ie, not flacid stretched) measured by a 3rd party.

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