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Hey guys, I really want to just focus on attaining more girth. My current stats are 6.5 bpel x 4.6 eg. I’ve been doing PE on and off for a couple years and have been really consistent sometimes. The sad thing is I have gained very little, maybe .3 bpel and nothing in the girth area. I wonder if i am just a hard gainer or maybe I have not found the right routine or whatever. I’m fine with my length and could live with it. I’m also fine with my girth but would definitely like a little more, maybe at least hit the 5” range. Ive only had sex with 3 girls and none of them have complained. One made good comments on my penis. So if you guys could point me in the direction of what has worked with you girth wise that would be great! or specific girth workouts.


I was also mostly going for girth for about a year of PE (mostly manual girth exercises - jelquing, Uli’s, Horse440’s, etc) with little or no gains outside of improved EQ.

Then I began reading more of the forums outside of the Newbie routine articles, particularly about various stretches, using heat, and the LOT theory. I realized that I had an extremely tough tunica that needed to be stretched to accommodate increased girth. All manual girth exercises are going to do on their own is making your dick rock hard, but it’ll still stay skinny.

In my experience, you have to use exercises that intuitively seem like length exercises to loosen up your tunica and expand girth. So for me, this meant being very consistent with stretches/tugs and “girth stretches” such as the Slinky and O-Bend. I also use copious amounts of heat, including turning off the AC in the summer while I’m doing PE as well as using space heaters and light bulbs.

I know that seems like a lot of work. And it is. However, over the past several months, I have been extremely diligent with this new routine, and have FINALLY seen some girth gains after having done PE for almost 2 years with little or no gains. Hope that helps.

I'm a disciple of science.

thanks science guy..can you explain what Slinky’s and o-bends are? Also for heating, I’m assuming your heating the whole time with the light bulb? I think I have an extremely tough tunica as well. I get rock hard erections and all. If it is a tough one, anyway of loosening it up besides with stretches and heat? I have been PEing for over 3 years on and off. Right now though I have just been jelqing for 10 minutes, with some stretches, manual clamps, and edging. I know it doesn’t sound like a tough routine, but I have given up on getting gains and I do this routine just to maintain a good EQ and nice flaccid hang. But I really want to give getting some girth another try.

The girth I gained came from pumping. I never got much out of girth from jelqing alone. It could be my jelq technique, I don’t know.

Basically my routine was like this

2 sets of 15 minutes at 3 or 4HG
Come out between sets and massage to full erection

I did jelq on days I could not pump.

I did work up to 45 minutes time. I went for longer times, but that seemed like overkill.

I was only able to pump consistently for several months. Privacy issues. Even though I stopped pumping, I kept the girth I got.

I tried clamping, it seemed too dangerous for me. Just did not feel right, bad EQ, bad PI’s. At some point I will take up pumping again. That is a very gentle exercise.

Yeah keep the heat as much as possible. I stopped with the lamp and with the heat because the electric bill adds up, but these definitely help. Mostly I just keep the AC off and let myself feel hot while I’m doing PE to at least keep some heat. And I warm up with hot towel of course.

There are videos on Sadsak slinky in the newbie section. I also do these while taking a hot shower. What I am going for right now is a slight loss of EQ as a result of stretches. This way I can expand the tissue and then refill the new bigger tissue with blood later by clamping and jelque.

scienceguy, dont you think that a 100% routine concentrated on girth is more efficiente? I do slinky´s uli´s and dry jelqs.

Yes, exactly avantasia - those exercises target girth by loosening the tunica (slinky) and pumping in blood (uli, dry jelq). But length stretches are also helpful for loosening the tunica, and they should add base girth, which is something I don’t think jelq, uli, and slinky really do.

mmm, so what would you add to my routine?.

I’d add manual stretches and clamping. And in order to finally have gains after such a long time without, I have started dedicating over an hour a day to PE, at least half of which is spent on heating and stretches. I try to multitask; so far that amounts to watching movies and old episodes of Lost.

So I don’t own a pump and all I have is a cable clamp which I have used in the past but with no gains. All I have been doing lately is some simple stretching and wet jelqing. Basically I’ve been doing the newbie routine. Can someone point me out to what exercises i should add for girth. I know you guys mentioned Slinky’s, obends, etc. But what should I do first..I want to take it slow and add on slowly. I plan on continuing with a 5 min warm up, 5 min stretches, and 10 mins of jelqing along with whatever you guys think is a good spot to start with girth excercises.


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