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Whats the best way to incorporate some kind of clamping into my sessions? Right now I am doing the newbie routine. I want to add some girth and wondering if there is a way to clamp with just my hands. Im about 4.6” girth, and almost 7.5” long, so would definitly like to add more girth. Give me some ideas I could do along with my newbie routine where I would not need any type of “equipment”.

Gprent, would that have the same effect as a cockring? And what are the benefits of wearing a cockring during jelqing or during the day while not doing excercises?

I would say the two are totally different. Girth blasters are a dynamic pressure building massage technique while cock rings are more a static pressure building device to maximise full erect size. The way I jelq, I would not be able to wear a cock ring while doing so, because I start my grip low at the base and that would just act to always pull the cock ring off. I also have never had any success wearing a cock ring all day because once I start to lose my erection, the cock ring becomes loose and ineffective.

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