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Girth 101

Girth 101

Hi Guys

I’m a long time lurker, first time poster!

I’m hoping to gain some girth asap. Currently I’m 5”inches EG. I am uncircumcised. I think I’d like to begin with some manual exercises, there seems to be so much great info on here but I’m really confused as to where to start. I’m also concerned that a lot of the exercises I’ve been reading about would apply more to circumcised penises.

So basically I’m looking for a few pointers to gain girth for an uncut penis.

I’m a total novice so any tips are really appreciated.


I’m uncircumcised too and the exercises in the newbie routine work just fine. The sole noticeable difference is that most of uncut guys find dry jelqs easier to perform than wets - and viceversa. But is better starting with wets.

Dry jelqs work good for girth.

Thanks for the feedback guys.

So, following a bit more research I’m thinking of going with the following routine:

1. 10 minute warm-up in the shower with hot water.

2. 5 minutes simple manual stretches while still in the shower.

3. Approximately 100 jelqs with the penis lubricated, 40% erection and using a mixtures of grips. I think I’ll start from the base with the foreskin retracted and as I move up I will pull it back over the glands. Then I will retract and start from the base again.

4. Approx. 100 dry jelqs at 70% erection using a mixture of grips. Same technique with the foreskin.

5. 50 x 3 sec kegel holds. I think I will do these at a different time of the day, simply due to time constraints.

I’m thinking I’ll do 2 days on, 1 day off for now and will probably stick with this routine for 1 or 2 months, gradually increasing intensity.

Again, any feedback / suggestions for improvement is greatly appreciated.


100 dry jelqs are a lot. Even for an intermediate PEer. I’d say stay on wets for a couple of months, then switch to dries for the next 2. Start from no more than 50 dry jelqs, even less I’d say. Just my opinion of course.

I am cut, But I have heard of great results from dry jelqing from those who are uncut. Regular jelqs and v-jelqs will take you far my friend given a proper warm up. After a sufficient time conditioning you should look into light squeezes and Ulis, as with all girth work heed caution and introduce slowly. Girth for some of us is hard to come by, myself included. Enjoy the journey and be patient, you will have a fat cock.

Originally Posted by BatCock
Enjoy the journey and be patient, you will have a fat cock.


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