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Girth x Width


See you in 2006 Ufscar.

I guess a high IQ might be more important than either girth or length.

And it’s a good thing he didn’t ask his mother for help with this question; although, being an older woman, she probably has an informed opinion on the relative importance of girth vs. length.

How much a woman`s vagina expands?? Let`s say that when she is not aroused her vagina is 4 inches in length. How much will it expand to? To 6 inches? That`s 50% Is there a rule?

Originally Posted by Ufscar
I’ll tell a experience occured to a friend of mine
He took a girl to his house, and when she saw his penis, she got scared of being hurted, so she gave up of the sex and asked him to take her home..
Sad story hum? =)

Sad for about ten minutes, but I bet 99% of us would like to have that story to tell!


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