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Girth wanted

Girth wanted

Hi all. My first post although been on and off PEing for three years and checking the site but decided to come back full strength.

Thing is I seem to have gained 0.5 inch or more in length when all I was trying was get girth which is stubborn at an average 4.75”. When put against the 7.25 NBPEL you can probably see why I want more girth. I tried slinkies but they could get painful and may even resulted in trauma to the urethra so I’m not trying that again. It also seems to bring me nearer orgasm and so affects my sex life when I also need desensitisation.

So I am trying a heated clamp. As I say I’ve been keeping the flexibility and penile workouts ticking over so find this is ok and not leading to broken veins so I’m confident in this method and finding that keeping the unit heated throughout the ten minutes feels like the right thing.

My question is whether there is anything else I can do and should I expect the length to keep outstripping the girth with clamping? Could clamping damage to lower part of the penis? Is that the urethra we are constricting down there? Or “just” a vein. I am using one of those racketed ties I guess are used for tying electric cables together to keep them tidy and wrap some toilet tissue around first to prevent the skin getting damaged. Now that I am keeping a hot wrap throughout this is a bit messier. I then do the cold water while still clamped method.

(Sorry if this isn’t quite newbie and maybe this should be somewhere else.)

By the way - great site guys. Appreciated.

You should really consider purchasing a medium size Cable Clamp to replace the cable tie which is too thin and difficult to remove. Hard to come by here in the UK, I ordered a bunch from but some larger branches of B&Q stock them apparently.

When done correctly, clamping is an enjoyable experience which should not be painful or cause damage to your unit (unless you discolour easily). If you’re serious about getting into clamping, give these a read if you haven’t already. :)

CLAMPING - Everything You Ever Wanted To Know
Clamping 101 - The Clamping Guide

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As you are just back to starting, I highly recommend doing the Nebie Routine again to condition oyur penis. Once your penis is conditioned, I would recommend looking at the threads on the Horse 440 exercise. Understand though that it is an advanced manual technique, so make sure you are ready for it when you do it. Good luck with that girth!


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Thanks for such quick responses guys. Really appreciate that. While I have been keeping things ticking over with dry jelqing just reading some threads again now reminds me to get properly warmed up. I was horseing for quite a while a year ago and with no benefit so that is why I aim to clamp and reading the new stuff about staying heated it makes a lot of sense. And then following with cooling.

Thanks Drilla9 for the link and pointer for the cable clamps. I need them for my cables as well so don’t have to explain away to the girlfriend who tells me not to PE - especially when it seemed I’d damaged myself with the Slinky - the moving bend - which also didn’t give me any girth gains. I guess we all find our best routines and they will differ.

This site seems to have gotten better over the last year. Keep it up!! Haha.

Maybe you were doing the slinkys with too much of an erection. Try Ulis or etreme ulis. But the best, I think would be some old school jelqing. Nothing hits girth better than jelqing.

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Well he say he has already been dry jelqing and ‘horsing’ for quite some time. But to answer his question, yes clamping can damage your lower penis, esp if you have prominent veins in that area. I agree that heating is helpful… however I disagree about cooling afterwards. Anyways, be careful and goodluck!

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Originally Posted by fourofakind

Well he say he has already been dry jelqing and ‘horsing’ for quite some time.

Hmmmm….Then either jelq at a higher intensity, erection level, a longer period of time or a combination of all 3. Try any girth exercises you did before at a higher intensity or a longer time.

Obsession is a word used by the lazy to describe the dedicated.

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I will go back to more jelqing for sure. Although I was concerned that this leads to the baseball bat look and even wondered if clamping would do the same. Anyone able to reassure on this point or offer another exercise. I do the pull round like the hand of a clock as part of warm up and heard that this can help thickness in the base of the penis which would seem to counteract any baseball bat syndrome.

Just thought I’d give an update as I have been jelqing at a higher erection level and achieving good results. And a prolonged period of better flaccid size always helps to keep you keen doesn’t it. I think that I was misreading the jelqing descriptions when I started so have lost a lot of time but that’s ok. I have had to take four days off though as I have had some pain and this always scares me. Seems to have almost gone now so will get back to it and pay aloe of attention to what feels ok and what is just too much. It’s easy to get carried away.and what that huge dick right away! Slowly slowly.

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