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Girth the base, can it be enlarged?

Girth the base, can it be enlarged?


I have been trying to enlarge my penis through ways of P.E. For several years. I was never quite sure if it actually works, and I’m still not sure on this subject.

Anyway, my penis has the “baseball bat” shape, where the base is thinner than the middle. I don’t like this at all and I feel it is particularly bad for “women on top” sexual positions.

How can I make my base thicker and stronger? And secondly how do I increase the girth of my penis overall. Some length would be great but the former issues are more important by far.

Thanks in advance.

My base got much thicker thru pumping. Hangers say their base girth got a lot bigger w hanging.

Get a good solid foundation in hands only newbie routine for at least 3 months. After that you can try another method.

In the meantime read the pumping forum.

Bumping this thread,

Does anyone have a good jelq-technique that targets base girth? Right now I won’t spend any cash on a pump or hanger so it would be really appreciated if anyone knew a good jelq-technique for this!

Thanks, Johnea.

You don’t need to spend any money to make a hanger. Anyway regular jelqing (expecially dry jelqs) will increase evenly the whole shaft, more than targeting the base.

Hmm ok, well I will keep doing my jelqs, problem is my turkey neck which makes me start the jelq 1/2 inch-1 inch up the shaft, but I will try work it out somehow.

I’d try dry jelqs if you are worried by loose skin. Learn them properly though.

Originally Posted by Johnea
Hmm ok, well I will keep doing my jelqs, problem is my turkey neck which makes me start the jelq 1/2 inch-1 inch up the shaft, but I will try work it out somehow.

Hey guys .
Try pulling your sac down with an okay grip .
Then pulling up on the raphe seam that travels up the penis .
That way you stretch it and do away with the turkey neck .
I do it and don’t have a TN .
dooks out !!!

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Hanging helped my base girth substantially.

Hanging will help your base girth as I am seeing it just after a few weeks but you don’t want to be hanging for a while.

Do the newbie routine first and condition your penis a bit.. injuries and an ill prepared penis equal no growth.

I have the opposite issue, I’m trying to increase my glans and upper shaft size. My base is pretty big already.

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