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Girth seems impossible

Girth seems impossible

It seems that most people have a hard time getting a lot of girth, and only a few lucky people get a lot of it.

Why is it that girth is so hard for people to gain?

I’m hoping that I can get about .5 to inch but by the way everyone talks about girth I’m starting to think maybe I won’t and that would be bad.

So if anyone has any reasoning by why only some get girth and others don’t or how to actually get some it would be appreciated

BPEL = 6.3, EG MID SHAFT = 5inch EG MiD BASE = 4.8, Goal = BPEL 7.5, EG = 5.5- 6.. I WILL SUCCEED.

“Lucky” is a relative term. Girth makes some things better and some things worse. 5.5” is very respectable girth and not usually a problem for any orifice. At 6” you’re starting to push it.

Personally, I was an easy girth gainer and a hard length gainer. I’ve had the same thoughts about length that you’ve had about girth—that it’s impossible to gain.

For what it’s worth, what helped me to gain was a progressive routine of jelqing, starting with about 50 and working up over the course of many weeks to over 500. I used 1-2 second strokes and tried to Kegel during every stroke. I also did a lot of erect squeezes, grabbing my dick at the very base and squeezing while Kegeling for all I was worth. I would hold for 10 seconds and repeat. Sometimes I would hold for 30 seconds. I exercised on weekdays only, and took weekends off.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Hey if you look the statistics , you can see the average of girth gain is 1cm . That correspond to the newbee gain, simple jelq is enough to have it for beginner.
But you’ve to do some research about the tunica, and you will find that tunica is formed by collagen and after you will understand.

Too many people who start PE and have gain in girth , think that the same routine is enough, in fact the tunica will be the limite on easy gain.

You will see… good gain.

Girth is a real bear, the only reason I believe I started gaining some girth is because I’ve been clamping, but I don’t even do that everyday cause length is my priority right now. Maybe its time to consider clamping?

Another thing to consider is volume gains, When you gain a quarter inch in girth, you gain a lot more volume vs. a quarter inch in length. See my sig line (the first part), girth really is king for most (to an extent).

My goal is to be the best me, mind, body and soul, PE is part of achieving the best me.

Escuse me hardbodyPEer, please, could you tell me your stats and tell me how you clamp? Pressure, time etc?

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