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Girth routine


Girth routine

I’m looking for help coming up with the best routine to gain girth while also being easy to stick with since consistency is paramount. Anybody got any good advice.

How experienced/ conditioned are you, how much time can you dedicate and are you willing to use devices. All of this info will be needed for us to help. Also what does your diet and exercise consist of currently?

Starting Stats: BPEL 8.2 Inches MSEG 5.1 Inches 08/25/2014

Current Stats: BPEL 10.125 Inches MSEG 6.9375 Inches 11/06/2018

It works so do the work.

Jesus Thickambitions..

I do not mind doing the work.. What do you do that allowed you to gain almost 2 inches in Girth? Seriously before I started I was a little over 5 inches in Girth like you and if I get to 6 inches in girth to me would be like winning the lottery.

Hanging weights and clamping scare me a little.. I mostly warm up daily with a hot water bottle and a towel.. Then I stretch in all directions for 60 seconds.. Warm up and repeat adding in a 90 degree twist each direction.. A few times a week I jelq.. This way I avoid any soreness or red dots.

At the base, I am up to 5 and a half inches in Girth.. But it gets thinner as it goes out from my body.. So the next thing I would like to focus on is the glans. Will I have to clamp to see gains here? I am only 4 and a half in Girth at the head of my penis. I do not like that look at all.

First and foremost it takes YEARS. Now that that is out of the way, I spent the first 6 months doing the newbie religiously, I saw some very quick gains from that that are really just attributed to EQ improvement which means more than you’d think. After six months of slowly building on the newbie I started adding more advanced manual work like bundled stretches and ulis until about the year mark. Again I saw pretty good results which kept me going. After the year point I started trying all sorts of things up to and including clamping. Clamping worked well for a few months but I got over zealous and injured myself and had to take a break. When I came back I found pumping which over the last 3 years has given my most of my gains. I still do manuals but mostly to keep my penis healthy and I pump almost every day following a routine that works for me but would be too much starting out. If you decide to pump get a tube that will let you have about 1/4 inch girth expansion and a heating pad. I’ve found the key to growth in the pump is packing the tube without much swelling and letting the chambers that expand slower than skin catch up in the tube then move up to a slightly larger tube for following sets. It’s time consuming but it works.

Starting Stats: BPEL 8.2 Inches MSEG 5.1 Inches 08/25/2014

Current Stats: BPEL 10.125 Inches MSEG 6.9375 Inches 11/06/2018

It works so do the work.

I have looked into the bathmate..

My hot water bottle died on me and I ordered a new one last week off of amazon.. I have used it nightly this week and it is the best heating pad ever

Not sure what you mean for the pump tube.. Do you mean have a tube so big that you can wrap the penis in a heating pad and fit it into the tube all at once?

And to answer your other questions..

I run 10 miles a week.. I am 5 foot 10.. 175 pounds.. 32-inch waist.. I have the makings of abs.. I am in pretty good shape for being 43 years old. I do 90 crunches a day and 50 push-ups daily.. On again and off again I have done a little kegel exercising. I need to be more consistent with it.

Mostly I get the hot water bottle out nightly and a towel.. I sit at my desk with a heater down under the desk.. To superheat my groin area.. Then I do my stretching routine.. It is pretty basic.. But simple means it is easier for me to do it consistently every night when I am online..

I just bought a pump today and I am going to go easy with it.. Maybe 3 sets of 5 minutes.. Every other day for the next month and see how I feel.. I wonder how combining a healthy lifestyle with stretching and pumping will affect my growth rate?

As for my diet..

No soda
Low sugar
No fast food
I grow a massive garden and try to eat as many non-GMO heirloom vegetables out of that garden. My diet is a mix of the paleo and the Keto diet. Lots of healthy proteins.. Low carbs.. Low sugar.. Tons of leafy greens.. Tons of eggs.. ( like 3 dozen a week ).. All my eggs are from a local free range farm.. No antibiotics.. No corn.. I find eating tons of free-range eggs really boosts my testosterone.. It gives me crazy boners.. I have morning wood and afternoon wood.. I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night stiff.

As I learn more about food.. I eat more wild rice.. More Quinoa.. More couscous.. I have almost completely cut corn out of my diet.. I buy nothing that has GMO corn in it on the label.. Nothing sweetened with corn syrup. I get my honey and maple syrup from a farm in rural Vermont where I used to live and work.

I drink a smoothie three times a week and I put lots of great things in it.. Maca, Beetroot powder, zinc, arginine, pine pollen, pygeum, nettles, saw palmetto, horseradish, lecithin, all of the A, B, D vitamins.. I take a vitamin K supplement.. Colloidal copper.. Manganese.. Prebiotics.. To really help with blood flow and circulation I have wheat grass in my smoothie.. I have moringa.. Olive leaf extract and spirulina.. My blood pressure dropped 20 points after I started making the smoothies.. There are things I am forgetting.. Ashwagandha Curcumin garlic Ginko ginseng

The smoothies really help in the bedroom.. It allows me to fuck the girlfriend for a couple hours a night if she is up to the task.. But the smoothies help out at the gym too.. With the low blood pressure and the Nitric oxide boost, I can run faster and I have more energy when I work out. I think it is a double effect. I take the supplements and that allows me to work harder at the gym which allows me to have more gains.. Which helps out in the bedroom when it is time to perform.

My one weakness in life is Beer.. I love it.. If I cut out the beer I would have better abs and I would see better gains at the gym.. But the best I will ever do is cut beer down to half a dozen a couple times a week.

Okay, I am rambling.. Now you know what my diet and exercise regimen look like.

How’s your water intake and your sleep?

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What hot water bottle?

Originally Posted by Benevolance
I have looked into the bathmate..

My hot water bottle died on me and I ordered a new one last week off of amazon.. I have used it nightly this week and it is the best heating pad ever

Not sure what you mean for the pump tube.. Do you mean have a tube so big that you can wrap the penis in a heating pad and fit it into the tube all at once?

Yo what is the heating pad? I’m looking into buying one myself, can you point me in right direction?

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I bought a regular old time red hot water bottle off amazon for like 8 bucks.. It is rubber They have not changed for 50 years.

I wish I slept more.. I average about 6 hours a night. I drink a lot of water. Lemon water in the mornings.. With MCT oil.. I live in the south and it is hot here.. I work outside doing manual labour.. I drink more than a gallon of lemon water a day all summer long.

That is a hell of a diet! I’ll have to try some of that stuff.


The reason I combined the Keto and the Paleo diets .. Is because if we have to eat bread and water or Lettuce, Kale, and seeds all day long.. We will hate it.. We will cheat. I guarantee it. I still cheat occasionally with a pizza night.. I mean I am a human being..

But last night here is my menu

I made fresh salsa.. So my pre supper snack was blue corn tortilla chips with the fresh Salsa ( Which happens to be one of the most nutrient dense foods you can eat if you google it )

For supper I made burritos.. I copied Moe’s southwestern Grille’s burritos.. They have Joey’s bag of doughnuts.. I made Peter’s bag of doughnuts. I heat up black beans in cumin and olive oil.. I boil and shred chicken breasts.. I cook quinoa in chicken broth ( low sodium organic ) I saute mushrooms onions garlic and 4 types of peppers.. A couple scoops of chicken a scoop of black beans.. A scoop of quinoa.. A scoop of mushrooms and peppers.. A handful of grated cheddar.. And a healthy dose of salsa.. Wrap that turkey up tight and it makes a hell of a meal.

The night before for supper it was a pound of steak with sauteed mushrooms and onions.. With a family size bag of frozen brussels sprouts.. I made a mustard sauce for them

For me the meals have to taste amazing.. Sitting down to eat has to make you feel like you just invented time travel or something.. A natural high..

If you do not love the food and you do not get immense joy from cooking and eating it.. There is no way you will stick to the diet.

No matter what diet or plan you are on.. If you drink a ton of water.. Cut out the sugar and the carbs.. Tons of leafy greens.. Seeds, nuts, healthy proteins.. You are going to see a change in your body

The really cool thing about the food I am cooking.. It is delicious and healthy.. And within a week of exercising.. Smoothies and a great diet, you will feel amazing.. The energy boost you feel really helps you stick to the plan.. It made me excited to get to the gym to run my 2 miles.

After a few weeks of running and eating healthy.. Getting the chance to spend time with a ladyfriend is also an amazing experience.. Noticeable difference in the bedroom as well.

One last thought..

I watched all of the Angion videos on YouTube.. The guy seems great.. He gives out a lot of helpful information. One of the things he says that is absolutely true is we need to take in more calories than we burn and then exercise our bodies. Because we are taking in more calories and nutrients.. Our exercise and activities will determine how and where the body stores those new calories and nutrients.

If you take a biceps challenge for 30 days and eat healthily and work out every third day you will see your arms explode.. I am not ready to try the Angion method at this time.. But everything he says about calories. Diet, and exercise is 100% dead on accurate. I started pumping yesterday.. I am hoping a great diet.. Stretching and exercise will allow me to see new gains with pumping.

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