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Girth Routine

Girth Routine

Hey Gents.
Love the website and the people involved. Always willing to lend great advice.
I am looking to gain girth for now.
I am at 5.9 Length and 4.8 Girth
In all honesty, I am happy with the length ( Will focus on that in a few months ), but the girth department, needs some upper management assistance.
I enjoy doing Dry Jelqs and am wondering if there is another exercise I can do as well.
I have been on the Newbie routine for only a month, and it is wonderful, but I really would like to focus on girth.
Can you gents lend some guidance please? Your advice and concern is always greatly appreciated.

Oh, I do about 20 minutes of dry jelqs, pretty intense ones too, for about 5 seconds, instead of the 3.

Thanks Gents.


Sorry to sound annoying, but really you should stay on the newbie routine - just doing dry-jelqs instead than wet-jelqs, if you like more the first. Stick with it for at least three months and see what it gives.

Thoses are really good starting stats. Positive attitude is 90% of the battle and you seem to have that in your favor. I would agree with Marinera first off, which I’m sure is not the answer you were searching for (2 more months of newbie).

That being said, if you do choose to venture into a more girth oriented area then be aware that it is a general consensus that it becomes more difficult to gain length if you increase in girth first. Not to mention that if you are successful and get a 5.9” by 5.5” penis (which can be easily accomplished for some when starting with a 4.8”), visually, it will appear shorter in comparison with the added girth. Even a .25” girth increase is much more dramatic than one realizes!

I assume that you pre-warm, have good EQ now and post warm? Try implementing some midshaft ballooning exercises about every 10th stroke. Maintain your glans grip, take on your base grip, keggle in blood and gently applied a pressure towards mid-shaft. That baby will vein up and expand like no ones business! Be vary cautious and pay attention to pressure. Some mild bends under this pressure can also be extremely effective, but I would take your time and really take Marineras advice first if I were you. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Too much enthusiasm can quickly lead to injury and a big dick is no good if it’s broken!

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