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Girth Questions

Girth Questions

I’ve been periodically checking through the forums about girth exercises, which is what I am mainly going for at the moment. My girth routine incorporates Horse 440 exercises and Sadsak Slinky exercises for the most part, and it has been working wonders! However, I have noticed that most of my gains, 0.4” in four months, have came from the increase in size of the corpus spongiosum (CS) and not the corpus cavernosa (CC). This is somewhat depressing because I feel that my CS size is much more dependent on my arousal and therefore fluctuates more. Also, the CS plays more of a role in the vertical girth department rather than the horizontal (not that that is a huge problem, but I wanted to reach a penis width of ~2”, while mine is currently at ~1.5”).

All in all, I wanted to know how I can successfully work the CC part of my dick. The Sadsak Slinky exercises do work for increasing the CC size, but the gains come much more slowly and are much less pronounced than the CS gains respectively.

Any help appreciated,


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You’d probably benefit by incorporating some jelking into your routine. Read or re-read the section on jelking and work up slowly. Do 10 or 20 the first time. If that feels OK, add 5 more strokes the next time, then 5 more the next. Soon you’ll be up to hundreds per session.

Moving blood through the cc’s will gradually expand them and over time you’ll add new tissue with the result of better girth.



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