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Girth question


Girth question

I have always got the reaction from chicks: “wow nice length!. But it’s a little thin.” I am about 7 x 4.5 and I think it’s long enough but it’s ok if it gets longer.. I am really interested in getting some girth tho. I have been jelqing (about 600 per day) and doing about 25 min worth of streching at different angles (I always have a hot bath first to warm everything up) for about 2 weeks now.. I go 5 days on and 2 days off and I notice when I jelq that it gets to about 5 thick.. Is that a forcast of what it will eventually get to in girth?? And is my begginer program good enough to see some gains eventually?. Cause I know 2 weeks isnt really enough time to say it’s not working and I really want some more girth lol

Keep at it, and ramp up slowly> No predicting how much you can gain, but you will. It’s just a matter of time and finding what works for you Good luck.

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Ha ha, 7X6 here.

Girth rules

What kind of reaction do you get from chicks loopz?

Current: NPBEL: 7" EG: 5 1/16" Goal: NPBEL: 7"+ EG: 5.5"

Originally Posted by loopz87
Ha ha, 7X6 here.

Girth rules

He came here for help and you laugh at him? Not cool man :down: .

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Originally Posted by loopz87
Ha ha, 7X6 here.

Girth rules

I usally don’t like to see anyone being booted from thunders but I can see “Ex-member” under this guys nickname.


Is that 7” BPEL or NBPEL?

Like Slack said, stick with the newbie routine for a bit to condition your unit for things to come. In my opinion, the 5” girth you can get up to from the jelqing is a sign of future growth. Just stay consistent. After a month or so, start introducing some light squeezes into your jelqing routine. Then start looking at Horses and Ulies and related girth exercises. Then I’d start in with the clamping, which is really the king of girth exercises. You might also want to investigate the pumping option, which has helped many a man get to a nice girth.

You’ll get there. Just take your time and learn and practice safe PE.

Thanks for the great advice! I don’t mind the “haha” guy I know that what I have is perfectly fine and nothing to be ashamed of :P. I just want to increase the girth for myself you know? But yeah it’s BPEL measurements. And I definatly think I will stick to the newb plan for a while until I start anything extreme, and thanks for the motivation! I will definatly come back often :)

Cool. Best of luck. Let us know how it goes.

Wow.. I just finished week #2 of PE (whoot lol) and I have something to say.. It’s more towards the line of me being stupid.. But I am really glad I caught this cause other newbies like me could make the same stupid error.. I just found out like 30 minutes ago how to properly jelq.. I mean I was doing it wrong until now :O.. How did I figure it out you might say? Well.. Before I started 2 weeks ago I watched the videos and read instructions on how to do it (I do it wet by the way).. I tried that way but by moving my hand around I found a more comfortable position for me that I THOUGHT worked better (I only honestly tried the suggested way for like 30 or so and thought my way was better).. Boy was I wrong.. Today was my last day for 2 days (I go 5 on and 2 off) so I thought hmmmm lets do 200 jelqs the way “they” say to do it and do like 400 my way.. But Omg! After the 200 the suggested way.. It worked better than I have ever seen anything work on me.. So I kept going and did 400 total the suggested way and I gotta say it worked magically.. I mean I could literally feel it getting thicker and thicker and thank goodness I am resting for 2 days now cause I broke a few capillaries (not a lot, just a little spotty). After words when I went flaccid it felt thick and heavy and I have to say jelqing has never worked better.. So I guess I learned a lesson from this.. Always try it the way that is proven first and if that doesn’t work then try something different

Sounds like you’re getting the hang of it braindrain, slow and steady - it may be a good thing that you have early spotting so you know to apply a little less pressure next don’t want to smash your dick into oblivion..:D

Welcome to Thunders and Good Luck..:thumbs:

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I feel you on your revelation man, I too was doing jelqs incorrctly until it dawned on me and i got the correct “feeling.” Learning for yourself really encourages you to push forward, I think.


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