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Girth question

Girth gains

Hi I am writing to mention that I have gained 3.5 cm of girth with in a month. I started peing August 10 2009 and I think that is pretty decent also I am about 5.3 inches in girth midbase. I have not cemented my gains but if I stop right now I will not lose everything. I want to be around 7 inches in girth and my question is this is it possible to gain that much according to my current stats. You see I fell in love with this girl and I feel as though my size has somethin to do with the way she treats me so we are seperated for now I hope this is the way she see it and now I have plenty of time to get myself together she is also pregnant by me and I want to be the type of man I feel she deserves or needs. I don’t want to do pe for fucking all these different woman I want to do this to be with the woman I fell in love with if it’s Gods will.

Corie, I have two favours to ask you: first, don’t post unrelated questions in threads started by other members; second, try using paragraphs, so your posts will be easier to read - this way you can get more answers. :)

Thanks in advance.

Congrats for your awesome gains. If you gained 1,5” in girth and you do want to gain another 1,7”, than you are aiming for a total girth gain of about 3”. I’ve never heard of anyone gaining so much, but who know, you could be the first.

By the way, why you do want 7” girth? It’s insane and I’m pretty sure your girl doesn’t need that much to be satisfied.

If you gained that much girth in a month, it must have been through improved erection quality, so yeah, I doubt you’ve exhausted any “real” PE gains yet.

As for the girl, I can’t imagine your dick size has as much to do with things as you are imagining. It sounds like you are in a complicated situation with her (and her pregnancy). Have you spoken to a therapist about the situation?

Girth gains

Yes I was around 5 inches in girth when I started and now I am about 5.2 so I am still growin in girth which is my main concern. As for the girl we broke up so sad. I will just move on from here but I want to get myself together before I get in another serious relationship because I feel as though penis size is important or girth of the penis is important in some relationships so I don’t know what may happen for me all I know is that I don’t want to fall in love with a girl and this is the problem again so I will concentrate on getting my body right.

I also jelq in which I do around 800 a day using the jelq gym device in which my opinion is much better than the pro jelq device because the pro jelq device is poorly constructed. The only thing about the jelq gym device is that the rollers take some getting use to.

I know most women would be happy with 6.5 in girth penis so if God allows me to get there I would be a happy camper!
I am here for the long haul because I don’t want a woman to ever tell me again that my dick is small
So if it takes a year or even two to get to where I wanna be I am ok with this
And God as my witness I bet she would consider taking me back if she finds out that my dick is bigger

800 jelqs a day? that’s insane for even most veterans, how has your dick not fallen off yet? I’m willing to bet you have some sort of PE injury at the moment, whether you know it or not.

8-1-2009: BPEL 7.250 x 5.5

11-1-2009: BPEL 7.750 x 5.875

Goal: 9 x 6.5

If you started at 5” and gained 3.5 cm you should be near 6.5”, Corie. Problems with converting measures? Are you American?

Girt gains

Actually I started back in 05 but I stopped and I started back in 09 of August

I was originally 4.5 in in girth and when I had stopped in 05 I was about 4.7.

So now I am doing a very religous routine of jelqing and pumping because I want to increase my girth so badly

I know it may take me a year or so to cement gains but it is worth it because I don’t wanna ever hear a girl tell that I have a little dick again in which I did not tell you she told me that the first time we were together then she found out I was doing exercises then she took me back again so to say she doesnt care about dick size is false.

Because when we got back together the second time after two year one of the first things she ask me was did my exercises work for me


Not to chime in your private affairs, Corie, but if this girl puts the size of your penis in front your whole person, than maybe it’s not the best person to live with.

So said, if what you are doing works, go ahead with that; when gain stops, it will be time to reconsider things and see if it is the case to take a decon break or going on a different technique.

I think with a 6” girth no girl on the earth could say you are small, where with a 7” penis many women could find not too pleasurable have intercourse with you.

Best luck on your gains.

Girth gains

Thank you for the encouragement like I said I am in this for the long haul for I know PE works for all those disbelievers out their it works you just as I have to learn to be patient. I think most of the controversy comes in when you have men that want to try but don’t have the time or the patients to do something like this. God has bless me to have the time right now and even though I am hurting over this girl whom I love I won’t let it affect to the point where I mess up everything I am working hard to get. And only God knows the future if I will be with her later on. I am already meeting new women but I want to consentrate on me right now. It’s all about me for now until I get to where I wanna be. I Thank you again and the God honest truth it works you just have to invest in the right gadgets and do the right exercises to achieve you goals and stay committed because as they said before this is somethin that will not happen over night.

Thank YOu


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