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Girth Protein link

Girth Protein link

Do you think a lack of protein in one’s diet can influence girth gains? Aside from speculation can any big girth gainers, who also consume high levels of protein please come forward? :)

I doubt it would make a difference directly but if your overall health suffers from a lack of protein then your gains could suffer too?

I used to work with a guy who drank EAS (brand) Myoplex protein shakes all the time, and after a while he claimed his dick got bigger. He would come to work in the mornings and try to show it to me, lol (I never looked). I started to drink them on occasion, but I never noticed anything other than good muscle gain.

I have just started on a protein shake routine. I’ll post if I notice any unexpected girth gains during my high protein diet.

If protein effects dick size then Ronnie Coleman would be hanging his cock over his shoulder.

I was thinking more in combination with PE rather than as a stand-alone method.

No I doubt protein makes your penis get any bigger I’ve drank protein shakes and ate protein bars to try to bulk up as I am very thin in stature so I don’t think it influenced my gains it’s more about routine.

I think it’s physiologically irrelivent since even in the biggest gainers PE results in minute increases in size compared to, for instance, muscle growth. Provided you have a diet that even remotely resembles a healthy one I can’t imagine it making any difference.

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