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girth problems


girth problems

I have been doing the program for a little while now and have seen some lenght gains but no girth. My length is around 7 5/16” bone pressed but my girth is barely 5”. I think my penis is starting to look smaller to me as it grows longer because the girth is not changing. Can anyone advise me to some good girth workouts. I have been doing jelqing and few sqeezes. Today i began doing sqeezes with penis fully erect, with pc flex then hold at base. After this i begin to somewhat masterbate toward the head. It seems that I feel pressure all around my shaft this way, not so much on the head though. What do u guys think about this? Does this workout seem good, please give me advice on any workout that u think may help me. I am really worried about it.


Wish I had you length… and I will.

I’m not sure that having a full erection is best for girth gains. What I do, and it got me 1/2 inch in girth in 3 months which is now permanent (and is still enlarging) is to get a 80% erection and then with your palm down, do an OK grip at the very base of your penis and start the squeeze. Do a few PC flexes to pump as much blood into the shaft as possible then fully squeeze the base. Then slowly add in the middle finger, ring finger and last, the little finger. By doing so you will push more blood into the top 1/2 of your shaft and you should feel your head get very hard (and maybe even a little purple). Hold this a long as you can until you feel the pressure decrease due to the blood draining from the shaft. This is very hard on the hand and it will probably fail you before your penis does. I do 3 with each hand and do 3 - 4 sets, but then I have been doing this for quite some time.

The next exercise is the “Uli” which starts out the same except that instead of adding in the rest of your fingers you take your free hand and do a OK squeeze between your penis head and your other hand. You will feel intense pressure both above and below the second grip.

Cavet… Be very careful doing these exercises as it is easy to do serious damage. If you are fairly new to PE then work your way slowly, over a few weeks, to the intensity that will get results and not injury.

Regards Canuck

uli thing

thanks for the reply, i understand the first one completely and i will try it tommorrow. The second one is a little fusy, i have heard of the uli thing for quite some time now but dont really know what it, what its for, or how to use it. I have decided to completely stop all orgasms. I think this will give me more hard ons regularly and I think it is Uncut that said thats when the penis grows. Everyone says that these exercises are a little dangerous, what could happen, and how will I know if i am doing it to much before i cause damage.

Larry, Larry ,Larry...

First, forget the Uli thing, find the original post here and learn how to do A Uli. Leave the Uli thing alone until you get more experienced. Also, a simple rule to follow in PE. If it hurts, stop doing what you are doing. Always add reps, time, intensity gradually, do your warmups and you will be all right.

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It seems that i cant search for uli because it is not four characters long. I would look it up if i knew how though, dont really have time to go through all of the posts.


I have been doing PE for about two months now. How long until u would say I have good experience. I am wanting to try new things for girth, because i dont think im getting any. I dont want to rush into things, so do u think it is to soon in the game for me to be worrying about the Uli thing.

I used the search and come up with a bunch of stuff on the issue, i dont really have much time to go through all them, i try to minimize my time on here to no more than 30 min to an hour. I am in school and all.


The way your unit feels will be your guide,start by doing manual Uli for the last 10 minutes of your workout and go from there.

IMO the Uli excersise is a more effective means of gaining girth that jelqing but like anything the amount of time and energy coupled with common sense you put into something ussually dictates the end results.

In very general terms 1/2+ of girth for the first year working 5/6 days a week 1 hour a day appears to be within the norm for rate of return on time spend.

You have good length

good luck


Thanks for the reply, i love hearing that i have good length because my rod has always looked small to me. I would think i would need another inch to feel like im getting big. But before that the girth is beginning to worry me alot. I have been trying differenct sqeeze techniques and will finish the week with them to see if they work or not. I measure at least once a week, and if i go for 2 weeks without gaining another 1/16” i feel it is not working. If i could get more info on manual Uli’s I would appreciate it. I need a description of the device or workout, i have no idea what it is. I think on some surveys i can make well endowed or at least above average, but my girth is always average. I need to be well endowed on some surveys to really gain my confidence. Thanks for any replys and/or help on my questions.

Not enough time

Hey Larry,
You are giving a routine two weeks to work and if you don’t see results you are changing routines? I think you should give them a better chance than just a couple of weeks.

Here is the link for Uli’s Routine:

Link to bad thread (threadid 174) removed

The Uli thing links in Size’s FAQ are not currently working. I’ll let him know.

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Thanks thunder for the link, but it sounds similar to the workout i am already doing, jelqing and sqeezes. i thought the uli thing was like a ternicate at the base or something. Is this somewhat true, i am a little confused. About me changing my program. I do not change it to a great degree. I just change things that i think could be hindering my progress. If i dont see anything by sunday i am going to resort to a heating pad for a hot wrap and video porn. I have been doing my workout in the shower for the hotwrap effect, but dont do the workouts under water anymore. I think this will help me keep an erection fast opposed to using my imagination. I will study that thread this weekend, i read about half already. I want to clear up this Uli bussiness even if i dont do the workout. I will have more questions after that about intensity and stuff.

You said the magic word...

Hey Larry,

Yes, study that thread. A Uli (in all of it’s different forms that guys have created) is an exercise. Whereas, a Uli thing is a device to assist a guy with doing Uli exercises. The device should NOT be used by beginners. Get some experience under your belt, you seem to be coming along a lot better lately, and then take a look at a Uli thing and see if it is right for you. Good luck with your gains!!!

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ok, i might have more questions about a uli later. But i was wondering if u could tell my if it is ok to do jelqing with near full or 90% erection. If i use porn i think this will be very possible. I think it might help me with my girth problem, just a thought, let me know what u think.

Be careful


As long as you pay real close attention to what you are doing, and be mindful of the stronger possibility that you may injure yourself easier, then I think jelqing with close to an erection is ok. Is it going to help you gain girth faster, I don’t know for sure. But please, monitor what you are doing, anytime you exercise with an erection.

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time for results

1/2 inch gain in girth for a year of intense PE is more than excellent. I am a two year PE verteran and have not gained a solid, permanent 1/2 inch in girth. I am a slow gainer though. I am in for the long haul— Slow but sure. Although I am confident that my girth will increase , I am also skeptical of anyone who claims substantial girth gains in a short term. For me it has been in very slow increments over two years. I admit I have ballooned up to incredible size—but it has not been lasting. Patience men.

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