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girth or length?

girth or length?

i thought jelqing put on girth as well as length? or am i wrong?

jelqing will give you both girth gains and length gains;however, the more erect you are will stress girth

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I can’t say for certain that I’ve made ANY significant LENGTH gains from jelquing - but I *have* gained about 1/2-3/4 inch in girth! THAT, plus noticeable restoration of foreskin - which I don’t mind at all - in fact a part of my routine is to restore total foreskin if possible.

Keep in mind that MOST statements from females concerning size relates to their professed preference for girth over length, if choosing between the 2… Pretty understandable, since their primary sexual sensory organ - the clitoris - is right at the vaginal opening itself, and proper girth will affect THAT area quite effectively regardless of length.

Of course, a decent combination of length AND girth is greatly to be desired for maximum sensation to both participants…


how long did your girth gains take you mravrage?any other tips would be great thanks again

I’ve been doing PE for 8-9 months now, primarily using jelquing method. I focus a lot on squeezes, with special attention to the glans as I want a larger head - but so far gains seem pretty uniform along the entire length - so I’m now starting even MORE focus on squeezes towards the glans…


thanks mraverage i dont want to hang looks to dangerous to me IMO.i got the Power Jelq so i going to do that and some manual stretches nothing to severe, but oing to use power J almost exclusively will keep you posted BTW,how often should i measure once a week once a month?

Jaggy, because of your earlier posts, I too have ordered the PJ gadget - still waiting its arrival, I would think that measureing once a month would would be most reliable and better for the morale - if you measure TOO often with little/no gains, it’s too easy to get discouraged… This stuff takes TIME for most of us - it’s like the war on terrorism - it’s gonna take a while, but the REWARDS are priceless!


Good for you mraverage it takes a couple of sessions to get it working right but once it is …! let me know what you think about it ? thanks again for your help

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