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Girth only

Girth only


I’m comfortable with my penis length (7.75 BPEL), but I have a small girth (4.5-4.75) inches. My long length but short sizes makes my penis look even thinner. I’m pretty new at this, and was wondering if there were any jelqing routines that focused on girth rather than length?

I really appreciate it,

Apparently Jelq at lower erection levels. It’s a bit difficult keeping the level so low but there’s that or clamping. That can screw up pretty badly so I’ve heard. So go with low pressure jelqs

Starting as of 5/28/07 BPEL 6.45" EG 4.89"

Short Term Goal BPEL 6.75" EG 5.25"

Not So Short Term Goal BPEL 7" EG 5.5" Eventual Goal BPEL 7.5"-8" EG 6"-6.5"

What are realistic girth goals if I apply myself to the routine for, say, 3 months?

Thanks again,

Caden, jelqing at lower erection levels attack length. Jelqing at higher erecton levels hit the girth more. If you have been PEing for a while then I would say something like 5 minutes of jelq and holds followed by 10 minutes of dry jelqing at 70%+, If you need add ulis or horses. If you are a newbie however, I say 15minutes of jeling at 60-75% erection. Everybody is different, it is too early to tell. It depends if you are a hard or a fast gainer. I say you could gain anywhere from nothing to 0.5 in 3 months.

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Be sure to start with the newbie routine until you condition your penis.

And then you can start with uli’s, squeezes, horses, higher erection level jelquing.

But start off slow so as not to injure yourself.

No idea what a realistic goal for girth gains should be, but it appears that quite a few guys in this forum have gained .50 to .75. The average 1 year gains as per the Thunders new to PE section is 1 inch EL, and .50 girth.

The studies on what women prefer most - length or girth - concluded that 90% prefer girth. So, it seems like a slam dunk that most guys should be looking to improve girth, but on TP appears that slight majority are more focused on length?

I need a lot of both so.I’m just working I can.

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