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Girth ONLY

Girth ONLY

I have been PEing for about 2 months and I am very pleased with my results—Started 8” x 5.5” Currently 8.5” x 5.75”. My girlfriend loves the new size, but she says she can’t take anymore length. However, she says she’d love upwards of .5” of girth gain. Can anyone provide me with an intense girth workout that has little focus on length? Right now I’m jelqing at about 90% and doing a bunch of Uli squeezes. Is the Sadsak slinky an exercise worth trying?


For just two months under your belt, it sounds good what you are doing. It takes time, later on in time you might want to look into extreme ulis or cable clamps when you are conditioned enough.


8” start out with? damn

What kinds of exercises are you doing ?

yea, I was going to say the same thing, and your girl loves the NEW size :) , I think alot of girls would LOVE your old size

Currently I’m doing dry jelqs and uli’s. However, whenever I jelq for about a week, I start to get length gains, which my girlfriend can’t handle (unfortunately, I can’t go for the 9 incher). Now I need exercises that will ONLY give me girth gains.

Also, I’m a little intimidated by the exercises that involve clamps, or clamp like equipment.

A little intimidated? You are braver than I am, jd2004. When I saw the video of the guy putting a hose clamp on his penis my face grimaced and I think in reaction I covered my package with my hand. Even the wife was moaning ‘OHH, OHH, OHH’ with each turn of the wrench.

Don’t worry Vegas……chances are you will do that to someday!

The extreme Uli video was scary. But if the dick is conditioned for that, then why not.

>Is the Sadsak slinky an exercise worth trying? <

It’s a good girth exercise but be sure you know what you are doing.

Plumped bends are maybe less of a problem but you need to do them with extreme care and stop bending as soon as you feel the tension raise.

With both of those make sure you don’t have any kind of erection and consider putting them off until you know exactly the limits your penis can take.

If I were you I’d work in some Horse440’s. The danger with this exercise is blowing a vein, so make sure you do them in a good light and monitor heavily. Again starting carefully is good with this one.

Its probably worth continuing your jelqing and throwing in a Uli and/or a Horse every few minutes. When you do that and go back to jelqing it seems more effective.

One thing I always found gave a good girth boost was a modified Sadsak Head exercise. Basically an overhand OK at the base of a 60-80% erect penis, release the grip a few times and kegel in more blood. Then wrap the middle finger around the shaft too, then the ring finger, and then the pinky. Hold for maybe 30 seconds. Repeat a few times at the end of your session. Once you have all the fingers of the hand involved in the grip it creates a good amount of force but doesn’t seem to be as aggressive on the outer veins as a Horse440.

Two months in your dick should be pretty well conditioned but ease into any of these things. There’s nothing worse than an injury from a new exercise or pushing one a little too far.

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