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Girth of toilet paper roll

That’s what I use. Scott tissue.

Hmm, I can’t get the head into a roll of “klenexx cottenelle” (USA measurement). Not sure what size it is… I’d check but I think the roommate would be suspicious hehehe

Turkey - it is 18,75 cm = 7.38”.

Yes, everything in Turkey is a bit hard to achieve.

See you.

Or we have big assess.

Just kidding. :)

:-) Welcome to the European union by the way. Hopefully you get integrated very soon. Always liked the Turkey people. Ataturk (how is he spelled correctly?) was a great man!

In Turkish alphabet we use ü instead of u. It is like Atatürk. But you can wright Ataturk, everybody understood what you mean.

See you.

Sorry, not to use spell check. I mean write not wright.

gee Scooby I feel severe rage now. I also have the Scott and mine is a mere 5” around. I think the t.p. people are trying to build our belief in ourselves by thinning the roller.

Turkish alphabet :) Little ironic joke?


It’s a conspiracy!

Starting: 6/04/04 BPEL = 6 & 1/2 X EG = 4 & 1/2 9/20/04 BPEL = 7 (!!) X EG = 4 & 7/8 Either I'm gaining or my ruler is shrinking.

Well maybe we can increase the overall feeling of men by reduce toiletpapers half a inch per year. After the elections we start by 6” again to gave them a shock. Before election a toiletpaper would measure 4”… . Maybe this will bring the democratics in the lead. You know they are just a bunch of girly men :-)

I have 2 Polish rolls. They are about 5.5” and 6”.

It would be great for me to have dick girth between 5.5 to 6. There is many work to do :)

OK Good i thought I was the only guy that has ever tried sticking his unit into a toiltet roll, I guess iam not a freak.

Hahaha. Well it’s just their, and the roll looks big, so I had to do it. I couldn’t help myself. But I was surprised that I couldn’t really fit in the tube because the tube looked so thick. Discovering the toilet paper tube was a good thing for me.

Love the avatar Haydibre


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