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Girth of inner Toilet Paper Roll

Girth of inner Toilet Paper Roll


I was just pondering about this for some strange reason, but how big in girth is the inner diameter of a toilet paper roll? Because we talk about getting thicker in terms of numbers but I wanted to see just how big the toilet paper roll is so I have a real life object to measure myself to. I don’t have a measuring tape on me and have been very busy lately so I was wondering if someone could help me out here. Thank you very much.

Although you would think they come in one size, they actually do not. But they are in the 5.25 range.

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Too big to suck

Does anyone actually know what a Red Bull can is. I can never remember to measure one when I have one, but I would guess 6”. A coke can is 9” so I guess Dan Salas is a little less than a coke and a lot bigger than a Red Bull can. But any way you measure it, it is too big too suck, that is unless you get lucky with Carley Simmon …

Or Mick Jaggar;)

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What a coincidence. I measured some the other day:

A Red Bull can is 6 3/4”.
A soda can is 8 1/4”.

Originally Posted by Big Girtha
But any way you measure it, it is too big too suck

There was a girl at my high school who could fit an entire coke can in her mouth. The funny part was that she never got the induendo and would always come up to me and ask why guys were constantly asking her to do “her trick” :P

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