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Girth needed at base. Help!

Girth needed at base. Help!

I have made some decent length gains from PE but now wanna add some girth exercises. The problem is that I am pretty small in girth at the bottom. Not only does this make it hard to produce a good tourniquet for Uli’s/Horse 440’s, but those exercises are more aimed at growth halfway up and upto the head. Are there any exercises aimed at improving girth right at the base. I am actually thicker halfway up thena the base if you can believe it:(

I think that time will even things out. Also traction techniques increase stretches or consider hanging or ads these are also supposedly good for girth at the base.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Sorry I didn’t understand some of this.

What are traction techniques?
And what are ads?

Also, I would have thought by stretching things out. if anything you’d get smaller at the base??

Sorry about my confusion.

With all respect, maybe doing a search for these terms and reading a little more, you would learn more than just a short answer here.

ADS = all day stretcher, and there are many threads explaining why a traction technigue, not just in PE but other fields as well, DOES NOT make the part in question any thinner - exactly the opposite.


traction techniques are basically stretches. they don’t rely on engorgement and constriction like jelqs and squeezes do.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


And I will do more research on those terms. Sorry, will do my reading to see difference between a traction technique and normal stretches.

Hey man, I might be able to help with this. First off I am sure it is pretty normal to see this happen. I have talked to quite a few others that have the same problem, including myself. This is what I have been doing.

What I like to do is get to about 70% erect and grasp as far back on the shaft as I can. Then I kegal in the blood to get full expansion of the shaft from blood flow. You may have to release at the base just a little to let the blood get in. Be careful, don’t over fill to much watch the head as it starts to balloon as well. You might notice lots of tiny bumps forming at the head and the blood will also darken the head and shaft.

Now once the shaft is almost full balloon I grasp hard at the bottom so that the blood cannot back flow, this is important as I have read it is not good for you to allow the back flow, it could cause injury. Then I grab at the head and slowly push back toward the base. Do this carefully, the goal is to fill to the bottom. good luck.

Wow, Lifer, that’s a great variation, I’m going to try it tonight, once I’m through hanging.

Sounds pretty much like a horse squeeze to me.


Originally posted by Guiri
Sounds pretty much like a horse squeeze to me.

Really, that’s cool. I never have read to much into the different techniques and their names. Have always just experimented and thought out what might meet the goals I was trying to achieve. I would guess that pretty much every exercise that someone thinks they have created has been done by some else before. Another simple but effective exercise for flacid hang is once a day just doing ten to fifteen full shaft dry jelqs with a five to ten second hold. After that grasp the base of your penis and do ( and this will sound silly but it works, honest to god ) helicopter spins. I picked up the heli spin thing from another PEer on another site his nick is Godma. The full shaft dry jelq thing I through in. Godma has gained just short of three inches in about four months, pretty decent gains, and has some great routines. If it is cool I will bring some of that knowledge here if you like. I would guess though that like the above most have been mentioned before.

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