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Girth mystery

Girth mystery

I’ve read lots of articles where guys are saying: “I can’t gain any girth - i’ve tried x number of methods and simply nothing works” would anyone care to speculate as to why this is? I’ve gained great girth, however: my routine has been girth focused from the start. Is it possible that any dramatic increase in one direction slows or even makes impossible gains in another?

I’ve heard a lot of people say “Girth makes length gains more difficult” but maybe length “gains” make girth gains more difficult also? I was thinking it could be attibuted to tissue resilience developed by your length focused PE.

I’d love to get some feedback (containing high levels of detail) from guys who have failed to gain any girth at all.

I would say ‘Some’ of them are lazy and don’t want to put the work in and listen to what the vets have to say for them. There are also people who claim they will change what they do but they continue to masturbate 100x a day, drink alcohol, smoke, do no exercise, eat very poorly and have high stress levels with little sleep. However there are a few poor chaps that try everything but nothing seems to work and I don’t understand why this is as I feel there is something holding them back and one bad thing just effects them really badly. I have gained 0.18 Girth in one month and some people say they cannot gain anything in 4 months. I feel it’s a lack of commitment on their behalf sometimes because it works for so many other people. We all hopefully know that to gain girth you need to expand your penis and it’s blood flow during the session so it’s more engorged than usual, so I don’t see how doing this works for some people and not for others. Must be down to personal issues.

Also people just come her for sympathy and to feel important as they aren’t getting it in their real lives. Sorry for what may seem as a rant but it just annoys me when topics like this come up.

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