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Girth Measuring Question

Girth Measuring Question

Whats the correct way to measure girth? I know I should use a ruling tape, but What I’ve done so far was use a piece of string, wrap it around my mid-shaft and then measure the string. However, what I was really wondering was, how tight should I wrap my string? When I wrap it around my penis I get 6 inches of girth. However if I wrap it tighter and tighter the measurement gets smaller and smaller. Just wondering if anyone knows how tight I should wrap the string.

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I don’t know, I have wondered this too, hell if I squeeze hard enough I can get it to 4.75. I have heard that it needs to be where it is not loose, but not real tight, nut hell, who knows how tight that is. Basically, just remember how tight you do it so your measurements will be consistent.

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Just so that it’s touching all the way around.

Personally, I thing you should use a piece of paper, tense it up pretty tight and mark it with a pencil and measure it. This minimizes the compression you get when using a tape or string. It is also very easy to do. I get consistent results measuring this way.

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